Benefits of scrubbing your body

Scrubbing your skin will naturally eliminate the superficial layer of your skin’s dead cells.

diy body scrub manuka


Why is it so important to eliminate this superficial dead cells….?

Because your skin is your largest organ, it is enabling you to eliminate some toxines by sweating…sweating also allows your body to do its duty of thermoregulation…keeping your body on the right temperature when hot weather…so your organs don’t over heat. And as explained in my post about skin absorbing sustances: 4 ways cosmetic ingredients will get through your skin; by scrubbing your skin, you will allow your body, thanks to your bloodstream, to get all the good substances you will put on…like essential oils…

Organic scrub: How to Do It Yourself:

The ingredients you will need for a whole body scrub treat:

ingredients for a diy scrub with honey

-2 tbsp of raw organic manuka honey

manuka honey has the most anti inflammatory and anti bacterial benefits in the range of honeys. It also contains vitamins, amino acids and minerals…it is good to use such an ingredient when scrubbing…since you will expose your skin….a little bit more to all ingredients present in your scrub formula… Using raw honey is very important since without being processed, the honey will keep all the power of the ingredients as well as alive beneficial enzymes!

2 or 3 tbsp of organic cane sugar,

choose the grain of your sugar upon your need. If you need a rough, deep scrub…use large grain sugar. Sugar is good for your skin. The sugar won’t melt in honey, but will melt into your bath or shower pipes…

When you use regular scrub bought in supermarket for example, almost all the scrubs are using plastic beads which are issues for Metropoles sewage pipes, ending up in rivers and lakes. According to the Marine Pollution Bulletin, huge amount of polyethylene microbeads particles are found in the Great Lakes in the US, 466,000 particles are found per km2 close to large cities.

3 drops of lavender essential oil

lavender essential oil has anti inflammatory effect, tonic effect and anti aging benefits…( please use lavandula vera and not aspic lavender).

lavender essential oil

Mix all your ingredients in a bowl, and use under the shower or in your tub…

diy under the shower

You can easily keep your leftover for the next scrub, in this case, use a jar with a lid…to avoid little bees to come back and get some yummy honey :). I hadn’t that chance last time I prepared my scrub :)…my daughter who was visiting, used what I left for my next exfoliation…and she loved it!!! She spent her entire afternoon smelling and touching her skin…I loved it so much that she enjoyed!!!!

Rub gently your skin…all over your body….and enjoy the sugary natural fragrance of honey, with a touch of lavender.

These 3 ingredients will make your skin smooth and lush, will prevent from irritations and will avoid pores clogs, prevent and treat ingrown hair…

diy natural scrub with manuka honey

This is so easy, this is so healthy…this is insane

Enjoy your natural beauty






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