Geranium Rosat is an amazing essential oil with multiple benefits in many fields

From skincare, to well being to anti bacterial and anti aging properties.

All the DIY recipes at the bottom of this post.

geranium diy

Complete Review of Geranium Rosat Essential Oil

About the Geranium Plant Material

The Geranium essential oil is produced with the leaves plant.

It will be processed by steam distillation.

essential oil still material








This plant is originaly from South Africa. It is now cross breeded to be cultivated in Egypt, China, and on the Reunion Island.

The harvesting is taking place 3 to 4 times a year, in the beginning of plant’s blooming.

This plant prefers the tropical regions and grow well in sunny sand.

Organoleptic properties:

Aspect: clear liquid aspect

Color: colorless or lightly yellow

Fragrance: its perfume is rond and flowery, very pleasant, it is close to the rose essential oil, less subtil though

geranium essential oil



citronnellol : around 45 %, citronnellyle formiates: around 17%, natural linalol: around 4 %, some menthone (we found menthone in peppermint essential oil too): around 2%

Dermo Cosmetic Properties:

Visibles functions on skin are: tonic and astringent, anti inflammatory and antalgic (against pain).

Anti bleeding benefit:

It is used in Europe by some plastic surgeon after surgery thanks to its hemostatic effect (anti bleeding). For that reason it is an excellent essential oil to be used in your recipe for after shave!!

Anti aging benefits:

Geranium essential oil is firming up skin tissues, tightening the pores. It has a great anti aging benefit, acting as a natural light face lifting, eye contour issues, lines and wrinkles, chest lifting.

Anti inflammatory benefit:

Geranium essential oil is an excellent natural anti inflammatory that can be used locally, it is also a good pain fighter

Insect repellent benefit:

Thanks to its citronellyle content, it is a good insect repellent, it can be used against mosquitos in synergy with lemongrass and lavender essential oils, it is also used to fight lice, with the same oil synergy and coconut oil.

Hair care benefits:

Geranium essential oil is commonly used in shampoo to help treating thin and fragile hair. It also helps in shampoo to fight against dandruff and scalp psoriasis.

In perfumery:

Geranium is largely used by famous perfumery experts like in the fragrance of: Paris from Yves Saint Laurent and Calèche from Hermès.

Olfacto therapy properties:

Deeply inhaling geranium essential oil will have some harmonizing and adaptogen benefits. It is helping patients with anxiety, tourment or indecisiveness. It is harmonaizing the feminin or masculin aspect. It is helping in finding each one’s seductive power.

In olfacto therapy, geranium essential oil is not the right essential oil to use. It is much more to be used by mature persons. This advice is to be applied for olfaction therapy only.

Wellbeing and health properties applyed on skin:

Anti bacterial, anti fugal, tonic, astringent, antalgic.

For these properties, it is great to use geranium for healing dermatosis, surinfected acne, impetigo.

It is also great to be used  against asthenia (fatigues), nervous fatigues.

Its antalgic and anti inflammatory effects allows this oil to be used with success to help reducing rheumatoid and joint issues.


In Europe, it is taught that geranium essential oil, if used in reasonable physiological doses, has no side effects (source: Dr Penoel- Franchomme, Jollois: l’aromathérapie exactement)

The international restrictions, to be more protective, are more cautious. Some restrictions apply.

My advice, if you want to treat any ilness with aromatherapy, consult a specialist who will present the expertise to help you with no side effects.

For  cosmetic and skincare diy products, please use diluted….and you will enjoy all the skincare and hair care benefits of geranium Essential Oil.

Here are some DIY recipes with geranium essential oil: please click on the title to reach the recipes.

DIY Bust lifting Recipe

breasts lift with all natural cosmetics

DIY anti cellulite Recipe

essential oils for anti cellulite massages


DIY Hair Care Recipes

essential oils uses for hair care





DIY Natural Deodorant Candy Flavor

natural effective diy deodorant as a candy flavor








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2 responses to “Geranium Essential Oil Benefits DIY in Skincare and Wellbeing”

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  2. atkokosplace Avatar

    I didn’t know geranium originated from Africa! I also didn’t know it helps with bleeding. I love learning. Essential oils are amazing! This is one of my favorite smells. I do use it for many things because of its smell. I put geranium and lavender in my vacuum so when I vacuum the air smells nice! Thank you for teaching France. Hope your day is wonderful! ❀


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