Beauty Tip for Stars: Face lifting with peppermint Ice Cubes

For a Star, being a beauty is part of her job!

So why not borrow them the easiest beauty tips.

peppermint hydrosol beauty tips follow the stars

Today I want to share one of the Star’s secret to get a glowering and bright skin tone…I will even improve it a little bit thanks to a great ingredient I use very often in my formulas….

This tip will make your skin so smooth, ready for an immaculate make up.

So enjoy….and follow the Stars

stars beauty tips






Your Star Recipe:

Just pour peppermint hydrosol or aromatic water into an ice cube container and place it in the freezer for a couple of hours…

If you want to make it nicer, add a leave of fresh peppermint…

just like on my photo:


peppermint hydrosol ice cubes


How to use your peppermint hydrosols ice cubes:

By rubbing gently your face with one peppermint hydrosol ice cubes, your skin will enjoy the double benefit of the cold and the active ingredients contained in the aromatic water.

♥ The cold will tonify your skin and stimulate the blood circulation, refermishing tired skins

♥ The peppermint hydrosol will tighten your skin’s pores, will purify and detoxify overwhelmed skins. To consult more informations on peppermint hydrosol benefits click here.

peppermint diy for beauty


Let it dry for a few minutes or pad very gently with a soft tissue, apply your make up as usual…

You are beautiful…naturally

Enjoy the Beauty of Nature and be a Star



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