DIY Triple Mild Castile Soap

Fast, natural and so nourishing…this soap has everything….

From the purple color to the lavender smell….

Diy Castille soap recipe

This soap is a must try if you are homemade skincare addict…

DIY recipe for vegetal soapthis kind of recipe is used for centuries in Marseille soap and in Castille soaps…this is the most natural way to prepare a soap.

here is my recipe:

A Babassu vegetal oil: 97.2 grams

A Rosehip Oil: 7.4 grams

A Sweet almond vegetal oil: 289.3 grams

B caustic soda powder: 52.8 grams

B Mineral water: 127.6 grams

C Blue oxyde mineral pigment: 7 grams or 2 smidgen spoons

C Pink mineral pigment: 0.5 grams or 3 dash spoons

C Sweet almond essential oil: 20 drops

C Lavender essential oil: 30 drops.

how to proceed

Be very careful since you will handle caustic soda!!! Wear long sleeves, gloves and protecting glasses.

do not change the proportions nor the type of oil, since each oil has a specific saponification index.

If you want to change the proportions, please leave me a comment, I will give you the right proportions.

This being said, you will have a lot of fun!!!

mix all the “A” ingredients together

mix very carefully the “B” ingredients together

pour the A ingredients into the B mixture.

use your soup blender and mix for a few minutes, until your liquid turn white and creamy…thicker….

Once this is done, the saponification ( chemical reaction) is almost achieved. You can now add your pigments and essential oils ( the C mix). The caustic soda has been neutralized and will not alterate your essential oils fragrances and cosmetic benefits anymore.

blend for one more minute and pour into your mould.

I am using a large rectangle silicon mould, once dried (for a large mould, 4 days), I cut cubes from the large rectangle.

but you can use an old Tupperware.

if you use small moulds, de mould after one day.

if you use a large mould, de mould after 4 days.

Allow your soap to dry for 4 weeks. This is very important because during these 4 weeks, the saponification will end up its Chemical process.

to personalize your soaps, you can use the stamp of your choice…..

enjoy the smell of Provence…

Rosehip oil DIY recipe soap

This is perfect for gifts….

land if you hadn’t time to prepare it for Christmas, think of Valentine’s Day????


it is always time to care…and to show it


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