Top 14 Flowers Photographies Used in Cosmetics

This post is dedicated to all the photos of my top 14 flowers used in my shared posts.

flowers in cosmetic During this year of sharing diy recipes for cosmetics, I have shared a lot of formulas with flowers. Flowers in essential oils, flowers extracts, flowers macerated in vegetal oils…. Flowers to heal, flowers to tonify, to sooth, to calm, to perfume, to defy the aging process, flowers powder to stabilize perfumes or to dye your make up….flowers are everywhere in my formulas. And of course, I took….a lot…I mean…a lot of photos of flowers….

Here are some of these flowers’ pictures.

Here is my top 14 flowers used in my DIY Cosmetics recipes

orchid flower in cosmetic1 Royal orchids extract is used as an anti aging ingredients.

orchid extract in cosmetic

2 Some orchids beens are used in perfumery (vanilla been is the perfect example)


orchids in cosmetic

3 Orchids flowers extract used in cosmetic as an anti oxidant ingredient


lotus seeds in cosmetics   4 Lotus seed extract is used as an anti inflammatory ingredient

lavender flowers in cosmetics   5 Lavender flowers are used in perfumery under the form of essential oil. It can also be used as floral water or the dried flowers can be used as soft scrub ingredient.

daisy flowers in cosmetic6 Daisy flowers are used macerated in carrier oil and are a perfect bust and face lifting flowers

jasmin flowers in cosmetics7 Jasmine flowers are used in essential oils to create wonderful perfumes and fragrances and have also cosmetic and stress balancing benefits.

arum flowers for cosmetic and perfumes8 Arum roots are used in cosmetics under the form of starch for its numerous benefits on skins. the flowers are used in perfumery.

roses flowers photos in cosmetic9 Roses are used under the form of essential oil in perfumery and in very high ends cosmetic brands. It has an anti aging effect as well as calming effect. It can also be used under the form of  floral water in cosmetic as well as in desserts recipes.

bay tree flowers10 Bay tree is used under the form of essential oil and has strong anti fungal and anti bacterial benefits. It is a great ingredient to offer frangrance and a natural preservative benefit.

Hibiscus flowers in cosmetic11 Hibiscus flowers are great in macerated oil. They are offering a nice color to your tea or fresh drinks, it also has a diuretic effect. But I particularly like to use it as a powder to dye my make up with vegetal ingredients

rosehip flowers in cosmetics12 Rosehip oil is perfect as an anti aging ingredient and as well as to fight stretches. It is also well used against acne

geranium flowers in cosmetic   13 Geranium is used in cosmetic under the form of essential oil. It has numerous benefits for skins. It is also a very pleasant fragrance

iris flowers in cosmetics14 Iris roots are used as a fixative powder in perfumery …. Nature is providing us so many marvels…for our eyes, our taste buds, our pleasure of good smells…for the beauty of our skin…. Thank you for your visit in my cosmetic’s flowers photo album. Visit soon for my next cosmetic diy recipe and be naturally beautiful today Xx france's organic beauty secrets blog