12 ways…and much more. Coconut is a wonder from Pacific to heal, treat, embellish, to treat yourself with nature

12 ways of using coconut oil  for health and beauty

In my former post about coconut oil, I was sharing with you the complete review of this capital ingredient for natural cosmetic.

In a fast recap, if it is a first cold pressed virgin coconut oil, coconut oil contains fatty acids, but is also rich in potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, vitamin A and E…

you can imagine how good it is for your health and beauty…inside..and out!!!

#1 benefit of coconut oil for health: Immune system

Coconut oil reinforce your immune system: the lauric, capric, caprylic, myristic acids, which are representing 70 % of its fatty acids, are protecting us against bacteria, viruses, fungus and fermentation . This oil is, therefore recommended, in addition to omega 3,6,9, to pregnant women, breastfeeding women and to babies who are not breast fed anymore. This oil is well protecting the mother and the baby against infections, but also it helps the formation of brain and eyes of our little ones (remember, brain cells are mainly composed of fat).

Coconut oil for cosmetic diy


The most famous and used remedy against fungus is the caprilic acid. This fatty acid is present in coconut oil…. Thanks to its wonder composition, Melanesian and polynesian women, are extremely rarely suffering from fungal infections. Scientific researches have proven  that fatty acids from coconut oil are massively destroying  fungus such as Candida Albicans. We all, more or less sheltering (you can also check my blog about “Love without Yeast“). Therefore it is a good advice to take 3 tbsp of coconut oil during any meal.


A first trial of scientific researches has been done on HIV treated by coconut oil and are really encouraging!!! you can read the protocol by clicking here. The results were showing a good lowering in white blood cells after 3 months of coconut daily intake.


#2 benefit of coconut oil for health: Stomach Ulcer

stomach ache

Coconut oil has anti inflammatory benefits, and for that reason, could help you to prevent or relieve stomach ulcers ( for ulcer, Dr specialized  in aromatherapy are prescribing lemon and origan essential oil with great success to treat stomach ulcers Dr Valnet for example).

Coconut could prevent inflammation into your entire digestive tract. 5it could be helpfull for Crohns disease too)

Coconut oil could be even more helpful to treat stomach ulcers thanks to the fact it contains laurique acid. This fatty acid is the only one to destroy the HELICOBACTER PYLORY, the bacteria responsible for 90% of the stomach ulcers.

This oil could be taken without stopping your usual treatment against ulcers. It could enable your stomach to recover, and therefore to avoid long term ulcers chemical drugs, which could be a source of bone decalcification.

#3 Coconut Oil benefit for health: glycemic index

coconut oil for intimate massages

Adding coconut oil to your meals will contribute to stabilize your glycemic index. Therefore you won’t be starving between meals.

This is particularly beneficial to diabetic persons. Persons suffering from diabetes will feel other advantages in consuming coconut oil. Indeed, very often, diabetics persons suffer from a poor fat digestion due to the fact their pancreas produces less enzymes than needed, and their liver will produce less bile salts. Coconut oil, thanks to its particular fatty acids, requires almost no biles and enzymes….so coconut oil is very easily digested.

Another good point for diabetics: coconut oil contributes to provide energy to cells without the intervention of insulin.

#4 Coconut oil Benefit for health: Prostate

Coconut oil, again thanks to its specific fatty acids, has a positive effect on benign hypertrophic prostats. Indeed it by blocking the transformation of testosterone in DHT, which enhance the prostate’s growth.

#5 Coconut benefit for health: Weight lost

anti stretch massage with essential oils

First of all, coconut oil contains 10% less calories than other fats.

Furthermore, coconut oil specific fatty acids enable  to produce more energy, to burn more calories. This is helping to store less fat. This is really beneficial to the weight lost as well as vitality. It is also to be reminded: coconut oil also regulate glycemic index.

For all these reasons, coconut oil is the perfect “cocktail” to loose weight or to obtain a better fat-muscle balance.

It is often said coconut oil is a bad fat…..due to the fact it is a saturated fat. It is a bad short cut. First of all, unsaturated fat (not to be confused with trans fat) are essential for our body, in limited quantity though. The saturated fat composing the coconut oil are very specific, indeed composed mainly of lauric acid. It is a middle length fatty acid chain, the same found in the breast milk, which is, obviously, very beneficial to our metabolism…

In Polynesia (where I live part time), people who are still feeding themselves tradititionally with mainly coconut, are very healthy and are presenting almost no systemic or degenerative diseases, nor civilisized troubles (such as overweight or teeth decays). Obesity increased largely in Polynesia due to a more occidental diet.

According to the UN, Sri Lanka, a country where coconut  was consumed largely, has a very low rate of cardio vascular diseases and a very low rate of death due to cardio vascular issues.

Since the consumption diminished of 35%, , the number of death due to cardiovascular accidents largely increased!

#6 Coconut Oil Benefit for health: Psoriasis, eczema and fungus skin issues

Coconut’s fatty acids have  excellent anti inflammatory effects and have a great purifying properties.

You will be able to relieve largely skin issues with the consumption of coconut oil in your diet, as well as local application.

#7 Coconut Oil benefit in Beauty: Hair Beauty

shiny hair

In India and in Philippines, women know for a long time that coconut oil has wonderful properties on hair. This oil allows to limit hair’s protein loss while penetrating easily and deeply into scalp. This is making hair shining and smooth while treating scalp against dandruff.

Ideally, apply coconut oil as a mask, on scalp and hair before shampoo. You could also apply on damaged tips on dry hair.

#8 Coconut oil benefit in Beauty: Anti aging fight

Lines, wrinkles and skin pigmentation are often the consequences of damages caused by oxidation (free radicals).

Coconut oil is protecting you inside (by ingestion)…and out (by application on skin) against free radicals…and therefore is fighting the aging process. This oil is easily penetrating the epidermis (please click here to discover the 4 ways cosmetic is penetrating your skin), this will nourish and hydrate it without damaging the protective layers.

A little remind…think of coconut oil to protect your hands and feet skin, which have the tendancy to get dry.

#9 Coconut Oil Benefit in Beauty: Tooth paste and tooth health

The antimicrobial properties explained above offer coconut oil the capacity of being wonderful products for brushing and cleaning your teeth.

You can use it as a tooth paste, or for oil pulling (oil pulling should be processed in the morning, before eating or drinking. You can mix coconut oil with peppermint essential oil and cloves or cinnamon essential oil. Oil pulling will be explained in another post soon)

#10 Coconut Oil Benefits for Beauty: Deodorant


One more time, thanks to its antibacterial properties, coconut oil represents a perfect deodorant ingredient (perspiration’s smell is due to bacteria degradation, by killing bacteria, odors do not appear)

Please click here for a DIY deodorant recipe


#11 Coconut Oil in Wellbeing: Relaxing Baby (or adult :)) massage with coconut oil

All the properties explained above offer the perfect properties to coconut oil for a relaxing and pleasant massage, for babies…or adults…

#12 Coconut Oil in Food: excellent recipe for your daily coconut oil needs

I will share many recipes soon with coconut oil, the easiest one:

what about a gluten free french toast, spread some coconut oil, dust vanilla and cinnamon powder….it is ready to eat….and is a delight!

recipe with coconut oil


Bon Appetit!!!


All these advices are the fruit of my researches and are based on scientific reports. They are not conceived to replace your doctor advice. This post has only an informative purpose.


Thank you very much for reading this post.

I wish I shared something helpful for your natural beauty and health


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  1. Pam Richardson Avatar

    Thank you, France for this great info on coconut oil! Blessings for 2015!! Pam

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  2. Green Bee Avatar

    So lovely to read this. Myself and coconut oil became good friends last October and I always have it in the house now. I didn’t realise how good it was though until now so thank you and have a wonderful 2015, 🙂


    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Thank you so much…..this is great if you can use your coconut oil for more healthy purpose…..enjoy…..and enjoy a wonderful year of 2015!

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    Read about coconut oil, and how it is great for teeth and gums. A lot of great info here Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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      Thank you….this what blogging is all about for me…..i am happy each Time i learn something…or each time one of my readers learn something….but truly….coconut oil is a marvel of nature…for our health….and beauty….I am glad you enjoyed it.

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  6. atkokosplace Avatar

    My pets love coconut oil too! I leave a bowl out and the kitties have some whenever they feel like it and I feed it to the dogs with their meals. I even use it to condition my wooden cutting boards. This is a wonderful list of the many benefits you’ve put together! Amazing as usual France!❀


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    Wonderful information on benefits and health


    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Thank you so much. I am glad you liked it!!!


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