Chamomille Hydrosol, how to use it in 10 easy DIY for beauty and health

Everybody heard about Rose floral water (or hydrosol), I wrote a long time ago about rose hydrosol in this post…I also wrote about pepermint hydrosol and these are marvels of nature….

But chamomille hydrosol is probably less famous…however it has so many benefits…for our beauty…and our health!

Yesterday popped back in my mind….as soon as I woke up my eyes were on fire…it was exactly as if I was back from a journey in the desert in the middle of a sand storm. My eyes were burning badly.

chamomile hydrosol 10 DIY

Why I never use eye drops from drugstore

I never buy eye drops since I learned it contains mercury…which is a neurotoxic ingredient…

By putting mercury into your eyes…your drops…and mercury with it… are gaining the optic nerve very easily…and the optic nerve is directly connected to the brain …

I prefer to stay away from that kind of trouble.

How I soothed and cured my eyes inflammation in 12 hours is my DIY # 1

eye treated with chamomille

Simply soack a cotton pad with organic chamomille hydrosol ( free of any preservative), lean your head back, apply the cotton pad on your closed eyelid (with clean hands of course), press it very gently, remove the cotton pad and open your eye…the hydrosol will enter on your eye. Repeat on the other eye.

This process can be repeated 3 to 5 times a day…

It is not adviced to use on injured eye. If your eye is inflammed due to your contact lenses or any injury, please consult a eye doctor. Some injuries are damaging the cornea and will need stronger cure. It needs to be checked first!!!

DIY # 2: Soothing and anti inflammatory benefit for your skin

skin redness

Sensitive skins, allergic skins or skins presenting red patches will be largely helped by chamomille hydrosol.

Use hydrosol in a spray bottle or apply with a cotton pad….as simple as that!!!

This will sooth and calm your skin thanks to chamomille hydrosol’s anti inflammatory properties.


DIY #3,  kids skin care

Why looking for something complicated, chamomille hydrosol is the perfect way to refresh these sweet little faces with a soft flanel soacked with chamomille hydrosol. I am sure you will find endless ways to use your chamomille hydrosol on your kids :)…

Mhhhh, if you see what I mean

kids skin care

DIY #4 for chamomille hydrosol: skin healing benefit

Thanks to its anti inflammatory properties, it is very helpful to use chamomille hydrosol in the following recipe.

-Use a synergy of chamomille hydrosol :3 tbsp

-Rosehip or tamanu vegetal oil (I know it is sometimes hard to find tamanu oil…so I gave you a good alternative with rosehip): 1 tbsp

-Lavender essential oil: 5 drops

Apply on small scratches, small burns and other boo boo, it will fast the healing, by keeping the skin moister and by decreasing inflammation.

DIY#5 for chamomille hydrosol: preparing your skin for the sun

One week previous your departure, begin to spray your body with pure chamomille hydrosol. Continue to spray each evening, let it dry, than apply coconut oil to complete the moister and anti inflammatory effect. Do so during your entire staying, enjoy the sun…with moderation of course!

preparing skin for sun naturaly

DIY # 6: For a subtle and gentle hair lightening with chamomille hydrosol

One other soooo simple DIY with chamomille hydrosol….

How to have a lightening effect on your hair…just like if you only had some sun…by spraying the aromatic water on your hair and letting it dry naturally.

If you want a stronger effect, you can add a few drops of chamomille essential oil into the hydrosol, shake wel before spraying to enable the oil and water to mix…

hair lightening with natural products

DIY # 7: soothing skin allergies with chamomille hydrosol

My synergy to sooth and calm skin allergies problems is simple:

Mix 1 tbsp of calendula macerated oil with 3 tbsp of chamomille hydrosol and 5 drops of chamomilla essential oil, shake energically  and apply on your  allergic areas.

DIY #8: clearing breath and cough issues

Chamomille hydrosol is an effective mucolytic. It means it will help to fluidify your lungs secretions.

In a bottle of still mineral water, add  1 tbsp of chamomille hydrosol, drink all day long by small quantities.

Don’t forget to shake well before drinking.

DIY # 9:  chamomille hydrosol is calming digestive troubles

Take 1 tbsp of hydrosol in a glass of still mineral water and drink. Repeat 3 times a day if necessary.

DIY # 10: chamomille hydrosol to fight nervosity and help for sleeping tight:

Adding a few tbsp of chamomille hydrosol in a tub will help to relax…babies…as well as parents.

It can be used in synergy with orange flower hydrosol.

Chamomille is used for centuries in different countries to heal many issues. It is a safe ingredient…

I couldn’t more recommend you to try one…or all…of these 10 Do It Yourself with chamomille hydrosol

Enjoy, relax…and make the most of nature…for your natural beauty


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