The Konjac Magic Skin Balacing Vegetal Sponge is Popular in Korea

Korea is very edgy when talking about cosmetic, skin care products and innovations

konjac vegetal cleansing sponge

Yesterday, I was doing my shopping in my local organic shop downtown Byron Bay- NSW.

We just had sushi with my daughter…so we were browsing together…in that little, but packed of goodies, little organic store…

When arriving in the skin care product aisle…I walked through…I never need any ready to use products…So I don’t spend time in this area…but Violette stopped..and was bugging on a packaging I wasn’t even able to identify….

She told me she always wanted to try that….maybe she would buy one

What is that??? I had no idea;;;

She retort me it was a Konjac sponge…

Ok…what is that…I questionned again…I was feeling so stupid!!

So Violette explained me the konjac sponge was a Korean popular sponge Β with many benefits for skin.

It was made from a plant…c’est naturel …quoi…(it’s natural…obviously)

Enough, I took one for her, one for me…hop in the basket…I was aroused by curiosity…

konjac sponge in cosmetic

As soon as we got back home…I had to check on the web…

What is the konjac sponge main ingredient:

Ok, this is the plant which is used to produce lipozene, a cosmetic ingredient. It is from the starch of this plant that shirataky noodles are made of…and I eat these noodles pretty often…!!!

It is an ingredient (glucamnan) used in Chinese medecine for detox, tumor suppression, blood stasis alleviation, diabetis…

I knew the plant…but had noooo idea about the sponge…damn… πŸ™‚

konjac plant for sponges

The dried starch contains around 40% of glucomamna. This is a polysaccharide, so it presents numerous benefits Β for health and beauty.

The konjac sponge used in skin care

It is the perfectly natural face and body cleansing. It Β is an excellent skin purifying tool for both adults and little one. It contains mainly pure konjac fiber, so it offers safe and gentle, yet effective cleansing and exfoliating effects on your face and your body. It Β whisks away everyday impurities without removing your skin of its essential natural moisture.

It can be used on very sensitive skin…even babies.

It is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

You can find it in many different colors, mine is black , Violette’s sponge is white, but I saw purple sponges… or blue…but I would check the color composition before buying these…

It is famous for helpint to restore the skin natural balance, providing back a healthy condition and well being.

Let’s rush under the shower to try it…

I confirme…the experience is…like a light moment of pampering.

How to use the konjac vegetal spong:

Wet your dry sponge to let it expands. Gently rub your skin in circular motion.

You can use it with…or without your usual soap or cleansing gel…

How can you reinforce the effect of the konjac natural sponge:

Obviously, as you can imagine, I will try it soon with different essential oils…for the fragrance…and the cosmetic effect of aromatherapy…

Thank you Violette…for letting me descover this sponge…and I am proud of you…you know so much things…

This will now be part of my daily routine.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you for visiting


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