Not Just a Mother

It is rare for me to reblog posts…
As you noticed, my blog is about natural beauty…and beautiful women inside out….
The post is about a blogger’s Mom…she was beautiful…as a Mom…as well as as a woman…what she accomplished…is amazingly beautiful…I had to share this post.
Please read…this moving story…of a beautiful woman.

An Armchair Perfectionist

My sister (L), Mom and Toothy Me (R) My sister (L), Mom and Toothy Me (R)

My earliest memory of my mom is climbing into her lap to have chocolate milk. Sitting in her lap was mandatory to gulp it down! Her smell was home with traces of Pears soap. It stays the best sniff my nose has ever taken!

She is a dental surgeon and has built an extremely ethical brand for herself. She loves travelling and participates in treks including the mighty Everest Base Camp. Along with the majestic sights of Himalayas, she also took in the adversities faced by the locals lost in the mountains. Her pricking conscious drove her into building the legacy she inherited from her father –

“You can serve the nation through your profession.”

In 2000, she partnered with a non-profit to conduct free dental camps in the dense North East India – where help hovered at a non-existent level. Armed…

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