DIY 2 in 1 Hair Balm With Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter has a delightful fragrance and is a marvel to give some texture to hair while keeping it hydrated.

white cocoa butter hair balm

It is extracted from a broad been, and as you know, is mainly used to produce chocolate.

cocoa broad bean

The white cocoa butter is also used in a large variety of skin and hair products thanks to its numerous benefits.

It contains a lot of beneficial fatty acids such as vitamin F.

It also contains vitamin E which is a great anti oxidant, soothing and regenerating benefits.

Cocoa butter contains phytosterols ( anti oxididant).

Another interesting compound is squalene, squalene helps the “lipidic cement” of the skin to regenerate.

It only melts over 35°C, so it is a great help to sheathe your hair.

white cocoa butter


My DIY Recipe for a 2 in 1 hair balm with cocoa butter

-10 grams of white cocoa butter

-5 grams of argan oil

-10 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil

How to proceed:

-Use a double pan to allow the cocoa butter to melt without boiling

-Add the argan oil and mix

– Once cooling down, add the essential oil

– Let it cool and solidify

How to use your hair balm

version 1: hair deep conditioner mask

apply on your scalp and hair, make some smooth massages, let it set for 15 minutes, shampoo

version 2: leave on conditioner for shiny hair and to calm frizzy hair

After shampoo, take a small amount of butter on the palm of your hands and rub your palms together. Scrunch into hair ends, and if needed on the length, avoiding roots.

Your hair will love it…naturaly

hair lightening with natural products

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