my natural anti-aging daily routine 15 steps

We can all read a lot of advices on how to fight the first signs of aging, how good that X or Y cosmetic brand is.

To emphasize these numerous advices, we always see beautiful photos of amazing models, probably as old as my daughters are, deeply photoshoped…and why not after a bunch of cosmetic surgeries…all that to show us the benefits of these skin cares, advices..;and other beauty tips…

Obviously, I am not  sure these adds are helping us to love ourself…as we are…to be self confident…and therefore to stick on a realistic, natural and more than everything, relentless, natural beauty routine.

I never believed I have been a beautiful woman, but I have a natural charisma.

I had 2 amaaaazing babies, who are now young women..; so, like every woman, I have strech marks, I gained some weight….I lost some other…I gained lines…and scares…and am proud of each of them…they are part of who I am….even if I cannot deny…I am close to be 50 years old…

I also have to say I spent a lot of time outdoor, and have never protected my skin with any SPF kind of think…but I was rather using a homemade triple mild castile soap along with diy moisterizing cream.

Because I was riding horses and breading them, I had a lot of injuries.

I had my nose broken twice, I have been kicked by a horse on my face…had numerous surgeries (none were plastic surgeries), even more bones fractures, 2 vertebreas, ankles…

So lets say…some kind of stressful events which could have endangered my motivation, my plastic…my tenacity to follow, what, in my point of view, was a common sense for staying as healthy as I can, as self confidant as we all should be, as active as possible…as pretty as mother nature made me…

Here are my 15 steps for staying naturally healthy with my daily routine


-1 Showering with a whole natural moisturizing castile soap or shower gel. I love to know that I am gently cleansing my skin, without letting any dangerous chemicals penetrating into my bloodstream…and my body


homemade shampoo with castille soap




-2 Gently exfoliating my face skin with a konjac natural sponge…a treat for my skin

konjac vegetal cleansing sponge




-3 Scrubbing my whole body once a week with a manuka honey diy scrub

diy body scrub manuka




– 4 Using my natural diy anti aging tonic lotion

matcha anti aging tonic lotion



-5 Applying my diy version of anti puffing eye contour gel…..only after a bad night or when I am very tired

anti puffing eye contour gel



– 6 Applying my blend of 3 vegetal anti aging oil…because it is easy and fast

anti aging cranberry seed oil



– 7 As a deodorant, I avoid all dangerous chemicals by using my own homemade deodorant which smells sweet almond

natural effective diy deodorant as a candy flavor



– 8 For the fragrance which will follow me all day long, I use a blend of essential oils…here are some inspirations of good blends for natural perfume or a fresh eau de cologne

Eau de cologne DIY recipe




– 9 For my freezy undomitable hair, I put a small amount of my hair balm. In summer I keep it in the fridge to get the right texture (since I am living in a tropical weather…my balm would melt…) this balm is mainly composed of white cocoa butter. I like its smell…it is very sweet…in fact it smells chocolate….yummy…

white cocoa butter hair balm



– 10 For some shimering and girly skin, I use my natural shimering oil (like the nuxe huile prodigieuse…without the chemicals…)

glittering Body Oil



– 11 In the evening, even when I didn’t put any make up on , I clean my skin with my homemade 2 in 1 skin cleanser, than I rinse it with water…so simple…so natural…

abyssinian oil for make up remover



-12 I try to eat as healthy as I can, I have been eating gluten free for the last 7 years and am now following a paleo diet for the last 2 months…you can find  some nice recipes on my  french gluten free gourmet blog

raw coco chocolate fudge





– 13 I used to exercise each day…walking is really a healthy and easy way to exercise.

By doing so, you bring oxigen to your body, you stimulate blood circulation and your body produces endorphines, the hormons of wellbeing. This is the easiest way to avoid the aging effect of oxidation.

exercising, walking dogs



– 14 Meditation and deep breathing. Quantic physicians prooved that meditation has a positive action on your body and wellbeing. This is helping to reduce any oxidative stress….this is good for fighting signs of age.

There is no need of a beautiful desert island to meditate…you can do it in the bus or subway, in the forest, in your bedroom…anywhere

meditation for healthy beauty living




– 15 And I will end my routine with stretching or yoga….for the balance of your whole body…and mind. Some days I am only stretching for a couple of minutes…but it’s better than nothing…


yoga in byron bay
violette during a yoga session on byron bay. Photo from Nastassja Clarke. Thank you Natty for taking so beautiful photos !!!!!




So my advice would be: stay who you are, enjoy and love yourself, …….take care of yourself….and know that your are beautiful…with nature and by nature…!!!

I hope you enjoyed my post as much as I enjoy using all my tips.


Sharing is caring…thank you 🙂


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7 responses to “My 15 Steps for a Natural Anti-Aging Beauty Routine”

  1. explorenewness Avatar

    GREAT post! I am going to incorporate some of these. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Thank you so much… It is a real pleasure to know you are stopping by….I really like your blog and photos….so it means a lot to me!
      Have fun and enjoy taking care of yourself….. ;). France


  2. Pam Richardson Avatar

    France, you are amazing! I try to take care of myself! Thank you for sharing, great post! Blessings, Pam

    Liked by 2 people

    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Thank you so so much Pam for your sweet words. I have to say, I am always happy to read that a woman ( or a man by the way) is taking care of herself….it means happiness for her soul….and prevention for her body….
      Take care🔆

      Liked by 1 person

  3. atkokosplace Avatar

    You France would be the best friend I’ve never had! I love your philosophy and the kind and soulful way you carry yourself. I can imagine how much you enrich the lives of the people around you! This is a list I live by as well. May happiness follow you wherever you go! Thank you kindly for generously sharing your knowledge. Peace, Koko ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Oh wow, so touched by your words Koko!!! Thank you….indeed, visiting your blog is like….I know her so well…she is like a lifetime friend….sharing the same philosophy…. I loooove your ideas and DIYs…. Your whole spirit…. Xx, France

      Liked by 1 person

    2. atkokosplace Avatar

      Your thoughtfulness and kindness has touch my heart! Peace be with you! Koko❀


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