Bamboo is definitely an interesting plant which is well-known to feed pandas…or to produce a soft organic fabric…

bamboo hydrosol

But bamboo is also used in cosmetic for hair and skin care

Today my post is about bamboo hydrosol. I use it in multiple skin and hair care formulations.

I also use very often bamboo sap’s powder.  The powder is great for base make up formulation too…

This plant is very rich in silica.

How is bamboo hydrosol produced:

The hydrosol or aromatic water is using 1 kg of bamboos’ leaves and stubbles to produce 1 liter of bamboo crystal clear bamboo hydrosol. This 1/1 rate is the perfect rate to preserve all the benefits of bamboo compounds.

It is processed by steam distillation.

Why is bamboo hydrosol good for your skin:

Thanks to its soothing and rehydrating benefits, bamboo hydrosol is perfect for sensitive skins.

The soft touch you will feel on your skin after using bamboo hydrosol is due to its important compound: silica….

Silica is offering a soft and silky touch to any type of skin.

It is purifying the oily or acneic skins by helping to recover the right balance.

It offers a refreshing feeling when used

It helps dry, rough and croco skins

It stimulates dull and wrinkled skins.

It helps regulating perspiration, in synergy with peppermint hydrosol

Why is bamboo hydrosol good for your hair

Thanks to its richness in silica and minerals, bamboo hydrosol will help your thin hair, will bring more tonus and texture while keeping your hair as soft as silk.

How to use bamboo hydrosol for your skin and hair care:

Spray this pure aromatic water (no preservatives!!!) directly on your skin, or in synergy with other hydrosols, let it dry naturally…you will feel  your skin so soft and silky.

You can also make your own face or body cream by adding bamboo hydrosol as a water base in your formula

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Rinse your hair with bamboo hydrosol or spray on humid hair after shampoo, let it dry naturally…


bamboo forest

Thank you for visiting my blog and come back soon for more tips and ingredients reviews for your diy cosmetic recipes.

Be beautiful….with nature and by nature.


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