Brunette Shiny Hair With DIY Linden Infusion

Who said being a brunette wasn’t as glamorous as being blond?

As a brunette myself, I thought it was time to share a DIY recipe about how underlining our assets

linden infusion for shiny hair

There is a famous French song talking about how beautiful and spicy brunettes are…here are the lyrics

Brunettes not count for nothing

Everyone repeat in chorus that men prefer blondes

they melt
For a discolored in less than a second
I have the feeling that they confuse
And the Mona Lisa, unless we shave her
It’s really a brunette
Brunettes not count for nothing

Some, brunettes call themselves
Venetian blondes, naughty
Liars, they cheat, and then where this is leading them ?
We should warn them
Sophia Loren, I’m not color blind
She truly has brown hair
Brunettes not count for nothing

We have some character, and in our arteries
It’s warm blood flowing
We dont play uncool
Watch out for brown
Brunettes not count for nothing


The song is from Lio


But now, please blond beautiful ladies, don’t misunderstand my post…and words…I love blonds girls…

My daughters are blond…and beautiful…

blond and brunette

but today is a secret for brunettes ๐Ÿ™‚

Ingredients you will need for your DIY linden infusion for brunette

-3 handful of dry linden…or if you have a linden tree in your garden, you can do your own harvesting!!!

-2 liters of mineral water (around 3/4 of 1 gallon)

-2 table spoons of raspberry vinegar

How to proceed to prepare your linden infusion rinse water for shiny brunette hair

-Pour the dry linden into hot water…just like you would do for your tea…let it brew for at least 20 minutes


-Add the raspberry vinegar into your infusion.

-Use this brew as a rinse water after your regular natural shampoo

This is adding some shine and spicy shade to your hair…you can repeat it every 2 weeks…

Linden infusion can also be used as…infusion to replace your tea…it is calming and relaxing

It has great properties for skin care as well…so I will be back soon with other tips and other secret DIY…around linden

Enjoy being brunette naturaly

linden infusion



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