Running a little bit late for your (Valentine’s) gift?

Plus, it is so much sweeter to receive a gift wich has been done with your heart…your hands…and soul!

It is still time to roll up your sleeves…and to make the perfect present…

I have to say…it is also nice to receive it as a birthday present, for mother’s day…or at anytime…to show how much you care for that person!!!

customized soaps

Tip # 1 

Chose to formula which will fit perfectly the person who will receive it.

The Triple Mild DIY Soap is perfect for dry sensitive skins

The White soap, just like Dove, without the nasty chemicals (in this post, you will find my tutorial, my recipe vs dove formula, as well as my review on dove’s formula

I will come up soon with other recipes…so stay tuned


Tip # 2

Using stamps of your choice is a great way to personalize your gift.

I am so happy I recently found wood stamps from a sustainable source…I also use plastic stamps…you can find nice stamps in crafts stores…depending on the topic…you can choose a heart, or the initials of the lucky person receiving the gift :).

soap stamp


Tip # 3

You can choose the prefered fragrance of the person.

Always add the fragrance after the cold saponification reaction (instructions in the link for tutorial), or your fragrances will be denaturated by the saponification reaction.

You can use his or her perfume, but you can also make your own blend with essential oils

Essential oils working well for perfumery for women are Neroli, Ylang ylang, jasmine, lavender, mandarine, rose ( but this essential oil is very expensive…) geranium, …please check on my post about fragrances or eau de cologne

Essential oil working well for men will be a mix of woody essential oils like cedarwood, santal, or more grass smell essential oils such as petit grain, tea tree

Tip # 4

Using different shape of molds (use silicone, it will make it easy to remove from the mold)

gold and pink soap

Flowers, teady bear, heart, letter shaped…all the mould you can find will be ok to use…please notice that the biggest the size of your mould will be, the longest you will have to wait to remove it from the mould. To give you an idea, it will vary between 24 hours to 3 days…

flower coconut soap


Tip # 5

By adding natural mineral or vegetal pigments to your mixture (after the saponification reaction), you will have a lot of fun playing with colors.

I use Italian Rose mineral pigment, or blue indigo, for men I also use vegetal charcoal, which gives a great look and has purifying benefits.

In this soap showed on the photo below, I used peeled of black soap and poured the mould with white soap mixture…let it dry…and cut for that fun circles effect.

bicolor soaps


For the formulation of the soaps below, for the beige, it is the natural color of olive oil mixed with argan oil annd a pinch of spirulina…depending on the darkness of your olive oil, you will get a deeper color.

The black soaps are with vegetal charcoal


black and beige soaps



So now you are ready to realize a customized beautiful and perfumed gift.

Be naturaly beautiful today