Fibromyalgia, Real Causes and Effective Cures to Change your Life

Fibromyalgia, Real Causes and Effective Cures to change your life

Yesterday, I read my Xth post from someone struggling with a chronic condition and illness often categorized as Fibromyalgia.

fybromyalgia causes and effective cures

Since yesterday, I was stopping by, reading, full of empathy, the story of that person struggling with that devastating chronic condition. I have to say that very often, I am leaving a comment, to offer them my compassion, and sharing what I know about how, in many cases, the condition could be drastically improved. Very often I receive a polite “thank you for reading and for your comment, I appreciate it…”as an answer, which is, I understand it perfectly, a very polite answer. They went through so much doctors, specialists, who don’t know how to improve that type of condition, how would a blogger know better than a doctor???

But a succession of messages of that kind succeeding…and reading other comments left by other bloggers sharing their own experience…and some extremely encouraging and inspiring people telling their story about how they drastically improved their health…simply by changing their food habits…

And on the top of that, lately, I received that answer:

“I know, my physician encouraged me to follow a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free diet…and I read a lot about that…but it is tough to follow that kind of diet…because…I like to eat…or my family would eat in front of me…and I couldn’t follow my diet….

Am I reading that??? Is that possible that even knowing, these persons, in many cases, would have a possible solution to erase all these bad and debilitating symptoms, pain and fatigue…as well as their causes…and they don’t give it a try?

Hey people, wake up, what you are going through right now is the toughest part…the chronic joint pain, the extreme fatigue, all your health and skin conditions…this is the hardship of your life….dieting is nothing…and leads to wellbeing.

At this point, I found a very positive and inspiring blog  this Sidney living. This lady is writing in a very positive way about her journey…her blog is about food, recipe, travel…anything and everything…and she just went through a 1 year trail of paleo diet…to improve her health…she did it and is very positive about it!!! But you can find hundreds of simmilar stories on the web…

It is to be understood that physician, at this point…don’t know how to cure the cause of these diseases, they treat the symptoms only.

One of my good friend, a heart surgeon, told me they didn’t know…but..yeaaa, he heard that diet was often helping a lot…he always advises his patients with chronic disease to follow that diet…even if they don’t understand why

Physicians treat the pain, the depression, they support the organs in case of damage….but they don’t fix the causes.

But before giving you my opinion and solutions (in fact, they are not mine, but I am sharing what I learned with you) who am I to give my opinion on such a mater? Who is that opinionated French woman who is…like all the French people always speacking loud (I totally agree with you guys on that point), actually I was born in Belgium…the country of chocolate and beer…you will understand how important it is in a couple of minutes. I have been raised by a Dr in Physic…very picky scientific father… and a loving stay at home mom.

According to my parents, I was meant to become a physician or a layer…or maybe a teacher… But my life took a U turn at the age of 16…I had a horse back riding accident…Physician, orthopedist, surgeons…neurologists, were not able to fix my back and my neck…I was condemn by this fraternity…I would never do sport again, nor riding horses of course

I was in so much pain…night and day…I was wearing a corset…kind of cast from my hips to my neck…you can imagine how comfortable it was to sleep… Even so, I was spending some time in the stable, where all my friends were…and one day, the father of a friend came to pick him up…he was an etiopathe (it is a kind of osteopath-chiropractor manual therapy).

I wanted to give a try in his practice…I had already all my X rays ready, the next morning he slipped me between 2 of his patients…In one session, I was feeling so much better!!! I went to 3 sessions and my back was fixed…it was the beginning of my passion, my dedication, my believe…and most of all, my determination to be aware and careful when a physician is giving me his diagnosis…there is not only one science, but a complexity of multiple knowledges. I wanted to become an etiopathe…my father was so deceived…and scared…at that time, in France, this alternative medicine was forbidden…

But as soon as I finished high school, I went for 6 years of college learning etiopathy…It is to be added, that, during these 6 years, we have been educated and trained in the postural and physiological fields…to add from the regular chiropractor training: I also had courses about gynecological and digestive systems…which is why we have 2 more years compared to chiropractors cursus.

My opinion has also been forged by my 20 years of practice, following up with patients, my own family, all my daughters little and big booboo…my own health condition now…

On top of that, I am the inventor of a thermo diagnosis machine which I patented internationally in 1997. I followed up all the trails and researches with the scientific team working on the applications in the medical field. I end up working with a physician who was specialized in fibromyalgia and was more specifically working in a “pain center”. He used my invention to help him diagnosing fybromyalgia.  So it is to say…I know for a long time what fibromyalgia is all about…

That being said, here is the knowledge I harvested during these years:

Fibromyalgia and many other systemic diseases are linked to a high toxicity body stress.

All these different causes can even be mixed together.

Back chronic issues and postural issues

That high toxic body stress can appear from chronic back pain and postural issues.

Here is a very passionating video from Dr John Bergman, the 10 last minutes of the video is a great recap of the 3 topics to improve your fibromyalgia condition.

(Dental) chronic infections and heavy metal fillings

That high toxicity can be from chronic ( teeth) un revealed anaerobic infections ( do you have root canaled teeth? They could be infected) . High toxicity can also come from heavy metals toxicity…the main source will be silver teeth amalgam (50% of mercury is composing this silver filling)…which is scientifically proved to be neurotoxic and to release Mercury vapors during mastication or drinking hot food or drinks…

On this particular field, it is very important to let you know that if you have silver fillings, your first reflex will be to run to your dentist to beg him to remove these horrible fillings ASAP…. this is an error…in some cases, you should first follow a first heavy metal detox BEFORE touching your fillings… by not doing so, you could overload your body with even more mercury…this would worsthen your health condition. In a second hand, it is also extremelly important to have your fillings removed by a dentist specialized in holistic treatment…not only claiming it…but one dentist who followed the training (there is a specific protocol to follow, there is no joke here…) AND who has the appropriate equipment to remove this poisonous amalgam out of your mouth.

This equipment, is, for example, what is called a jumbo vacuum. It is a vacuum which is extremelly powerful and will suck all the mercury vapors faster than it could diffuse. He also have to be equiped with a very specific…and extremelly expensive air filter. And last but not least, he should have the appropriate drilling machine, the kind of drilling which is very slow…diffusing a lot of water. This will insure the filling not to overheat…and to produce as less mercury vapors as possible.

Heavy metal whole body intoxication and poisoning

Heavy metals can also come from huge manufactures or mining pollution…Mercury, arsenic, nickel…..aluminium….

Arsenic is also a main compound of many insecticides…so you can breath it when living in the countryside…or drink it…it is percolating from soils…to our water!!!

These heavy metals can also come from vaccinations.



These heavy metals and toxic ingredients are also found in cosmetic, skin and hair products.

This is why I began my blog

515 toxic chemicals in daily cosmetics

heavy metals in cosmetic

The US environmental protection agency is clear, mercury is toxic and can even lead to cancer in all the cases, please click here

 How to test if you present a heavy metal poisoning?

The only effective way to test the presence of these heavy metals into your body is to do a provoqued urine test ( a chelator is injected in Intra veinous…and urine is shipped to very specific scientific labs…not all the countries are ok with this test…just because it would underline their heavy responsabilities in all these chronic diseases….due to the fact they allow and encourage vaccines containing mercury…. teeth Mercury amalgams…and dangerous insecticides…skin care toxic ingredients…and oher economic light bulbs!!

Proceeding to a blood test to detect heavy metals is a non sense…when entering your body, heavy metals are circulating approximately ½ an hour into your bloodstream…then it is fast penetrating through your cell membrane…and is very “friendly” with some of the little structures inside each of your cells. To give the appropriate biological language, it is binding easily with mainly 2 organelles: mitochondria and peroxisomes. These 2 organelles are in charge of the energy production…of your whole body…each cell needs to produce energy to accomplish its own job (now you understand better why the chronic fatigue…and the inability of your body to fight against the right issues…like inflammation…).

Ohhhh, I almost forgot to tell you, heavy metals really really like fat…so your body will be “attacked” by heavy metals mainly in your fat cells…cellulitis… (this is why sometimes, body is storing excessive fat…to keep the toxic ingredients out of our nervous system…how marvelous is our biology…isn’t it well done?) and nerves…indeed neurons, the nerves cells, as well as the brain, are mainly composed of fat…this is why heavy metals are highly neurotoxic…so very painful!!!

So one more time, doing a blood test and wishing to find heavy metals circulating…is a no no. And if your Doctor prescribed you a blood test to detect heavy metals…or he is lacking some essential knowledge, or he is in bad faith with you…

Some other countries have forbidden these compounds ( heavy metals) in dental treatments…Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg for example….they even take in charge the detox process of each citizen intoxicated with heavy metals….

Not all the people have the same sensitivity to heavy metals…this is due to a gene…4 different levels….if you are grade 4……and are in contact with heavy metals…it is much likely you will suffer from a chronic systemic disease…  If you are grade 1…. Your metabolism will eliminate heavy metals as fast as being in contact with it….without consequences.

So to recap: why heavy metals will be bad for you:

-Because they will replace the essential minerals into your cells, your body won’t work correctly because craving for these trace minerals.

-Heavy metals have an antibiotic effect, which will increase the bacteria resistance

-Heavy metals are changing our genetic code (how bad it is!!!)

-Heavy metals produce free radicals (responsible of oxidation and inflammation for example)

– Heavy metals neutralize amino acids used for your detox

-Heavy metals are responsible of allergies

-Heavy metals are destroying neurons (nerves and brain cells).

On the bottom of my post, you will find a list of symptoms linked to heavy metals intoxication….you will see how close it is from fibromyalgia symptoms…this long list is an extract from Dr Mercola web site…you can also find a lot of videos about Mercola on youtube

 Undetected allergies

Another possible toxicity will be an undetected allergy….allergies are producing a lot of inflammation: triggering your immune system…overwhelming it permanently…and easing all the chronic illnesses and pains…..

In Europe, it is often advised to patients who cannot afford the urine test and detox, to begin with a 6 months gluten and dairy free diet…if the health condition is improving…then we can considere the probability of body intoxication.

This is really worth it researching for an environmental doctor who will take in charge your whole body system…

This is not taught in medical school…unless the physicians are taking this very rare specialty training after graduation….

The most efficient test noweday is the Melissa test, it doesn’t require for you to get all these scratches tests on your forearm or back (which in certain cases will trigger an anaphilactic immunologic reaction).

My wish

My wish, writing this post, is to share with the largest readers possible these important and even vital informations…

Please, if you are suffering from a chronic illness, at least follow a radical changing diet…with real food…

With this you have the natural weapons very often to treat yourself and…probably…to cure yourself. Do it before damaging your organs, your body, your life…and your happiness!!!

 My personnal experience and testimonial

I am myself going through a chronic pain.

As so many persons from my generation, as a kid, I was eating al lot of sugar, candies, French pastries…

So very young, I had silver dental fillings…but I was strong, I was doing a lot of exercise…so I wasn’t presenting any symptoms…lucky me :). Many years ago, learning about mercury toxicity, I had my fillings replaced. What I didn’t know was this fact: my body accumulated all the toxicity of multiple heavy metals…apparently in large quantity…though I was healthy and full of live…

One year ago, I had a very bad luck during a dental surgery, the surgeon broke my jaw bone…without saying it (he was so ashamed…come on…he should have been a big boy here!!!), he crushed my trigeminal nerve ( the one which has 3 branches on our face, the one occupying ½  of the cortex- brain surface…so when is the most extreme painful experience according to neurologists). Indeed it is an excrutiating pain…

I am stubborn, so I went to visit the surgeon every week…asking for help, explanation…nothing…for 6 months, he was telling me it was in my head…nothing was wrong, X rays were not showing anything…however it wasn’t healing,

After 6 months, I flew back to France to have an expert opinion ( I am living in New Caledonia, so we have French doctors and dentist over there) My case was a disaster…my bones were full of infection, since then I had 6 more surgeries to fix it…but too late for the nerve…the nerve is damaged…forever…

Because of these constant infections… my health condition switched me to fibromyalgia….sjorgens….chronic fatigue….perineuralgia…

Here I was…in a chronic illness…like the patients I was treating…

So I decided to go through all the tests. I mean, not the muscle biopsy and other traditional conventional medical tests.

The provocation urine test was showing that I had huge amount of heavy metals that my body was handling before the trauma…So I went through a chelation detox process.

Before the failed surgery and the 6 months of life threatening infections, I turned up from allergy free to be allergic to anything and everything…

I also had the allergy tests done (Melissa test)…at this point only for metals though…the environmental doctor who followed me, had never seen such a high level of allergies…

If you are aware of allergy tests, you are considered to be allergic over a grade 2…I am 198 for multiple metals now…

I am following a drastic paleo diet…I am even allergic to chocolate and beer…for a Belgian woman…what a disaster :).

This diet almost erased my systemic….chronic diseases….my body is almost free of pain…

Now I just have to handle my trigeminalgia. ( facial pain)…but against that….nothing could be done….because of irreversible damages…My issue now, is that I have a chronic pain which is not curable (surgery damage)…so I have recurent  inflammation and body stress…I have to be very serious about my diet…no deviation allowed…

but you have no idea how happy I am to follow that diet!!! I have a solution for my back, joints, legs, stomach…pain

I am a real case study now…

So please, don’t wait until it is too late…

I am not saying ALL the chronic diseases can be treated, it will depend on how bad your organs and nerves have been damaged….but some definitely can be…it is worth it giving it a serious thought….and hope!!!

To recap, have your teeth and gum infections tested, your allergies, your heavy metals, change your food habits. Avoid more vaccinations ( it is written on vaccines boxes, check the photo above, some chronic health conditions should avoid vaccination, vaccins has not been through an experimental process, it hasn’t been proved safe). Check and respect your food allergies…listen to your body particularities.

My message is a message of hope…another perspective…

Hope…learn…act…and live….

Take care…take good care of yourself…nobody will do it better than you do



List of numerous symptoms linked to mercury poisoning according to Dr Mercola

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The presence of mercury in the body causes chronic disorders including: 
Persistent cough and
Bad breath
Compromised cognitive function
Mercury is both highly neurophilic (which means that it binds tightly to nerves) and highly lipophilic (which means that it binds tightly to fats). When distributed around the body in the circulation it is absorbed into the nerve endings that regulate all the functions of the body (the autonomic nervous system). From there it slowly tracks up the nerves into the central nervous system, in what is known as retrograde axonal transport. 
It prevents nerves regenerating by disrupting the protein tubulin, disrupts nerve function and also attacks the insulating myelin sheaths surrounding some nerves. 
Mercury from amalgam easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and can damage any part of the central nervous system including the master endocrine glands at the base of the brain which control both the nervous and endocrine systems. 
The levels of mercury in the brain have been shown to be directly related to the number of amalgam fillings in the mouth. Whilst mercury is highly detrimental on its own, its destructive power can be increased 100 fold by exposure to other toxic metals such as aluminium, lead or cadmium. 
Mercury can produce a host of mental, emotional, and behavioural changes and what are considered ‘psychiatric’ disorders by disrupting neurotransmitters, interfering with endocrine gland function and hormones and causing destruction of nervous pathways.
The effects of mercury on cognitive function include:
Poor memory 
Difficulty multitasking
Difficulty finding words 
A lack of initiative 
An inability to concentrate 
An inability to make decisions and 
Lack of motivation
Changes in mood
Mercury is also known to have profound effects upon mood including:
Fits of anger
Panic attacks
Mood swings
Loss of self-confidence
Being easily embarrassed
Feeling overwhelmed
Feeling easily discouraged
A loss of sense of humour and
Life seems an endless, joyless struggle
‘Psychiatric’ symptoms
The ability of mercury to induce ‘mercury madness’ is well recognised and symptoms include:
A persistent death wish
Suicide attempts
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders
Manic-Depressive Disorder
Panic disorders and
Schizophrenia spectrum disorders
Peripheral nervous system symptoms
The profound disruption of nerve structure and function leads to difficulty with motor nerve function including: 
Difficulty articulating words
Numbness and tingling
Difficulty doing fine tasks such as typing or adding numbers on a calculator
Ticks and twitches (especially of the face and eyes)
A loss of coordination and 
Restless legs
Reproductive and sexual function
Mercury is also recognised to collect in the reproductive organs in both men and women where it can cause a variety of disorders including infertility. 
It is known to directly cross the placental barrier in pregnant women and also to concentrate in breast milk and mercury levels in newborn babies have been shown to be directly related to the number of amalgam fillings in the mother’s mouth.  
The symptoms of mercury toxicity in both sexes include: 
A low or non-existent libido
Precocious or late puberty and
In women, the effects of mercury on reproductive function include: 
Heavy, missed or irregular periods 
Severe period pains
Pre-menstrual tension (PMT)  
Miscarriages and
Still births
In men, mercury accumulates in the reproductive organs and particularly the testes causing: 
Premature ejaculation and
Low sperm count, defective sperm and sperm with poor motility
The urinary system
Mercury from dental amalgam fillings is also recognised to severely impact kidney function such that animal studies have shown a 50% reduction within a month of placement of the first amalgam filling. 
Effects of mercury on the urinary system include:
Kidney damage
Frequent urination
Frequent nocturnal urination (2-3 times a night or more)
Incontinence (especially in women)
Difficulty urinating (especially in men)
An urgent need to urinate and
A variety of kidney and bladder diseases.
The musculoskeletal system
Mercury also accumulates throughout the body in muscles and joints causing the muscle tenderness and pain familiar to fibromyalgia sufferers and the joint pain, stiffness and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis. 
The symptoms of mercury toxicity on the musculoskeletal system include:
Tender, sore muscles
Rapid muscle fatigue 
Joint pain
Joint swelling
Joint stiffness
Muscle cramps
Low-back pain
Muscle weakness and
Jaw joint or Tempero-mandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD)
The cardiovascular system
In particular, mercury seems to collect in the heart muscle and valves and has been found at 22,000X the levels found in the blood. Mercury is strongly associated with elevated levels of homocysteine and cholesterol and heart attacks.
It also causes red blood cells to rupture and replaces the iron in haemoglobin so that the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood can be reduced by half. Mercury also causes a weakening in the walls of the small blood vessels leading to a reduced blood supply to the organs and tissues. 
The cardiovascular symptoms of mercury poisoning include:  
Heart palpitations
An irregular heart beat
Angina or chest pain
A racing heart beat 
Either an abnormally slow or rapid heart rate 
Low or high blood pressure
Frequently feeling faint 
Elevated blood cholesterol and homocysteine levels and 
Easy bleeding and bruising.
The endocrine system
Mercury disrupts hormone production and release from the endocrine glands, and also blocks the receptors which allow the hormones to dock on to the target cells in the tissues. 
The endocrine system has a high requirement for specific trace minerals and accumulation of mercury within the glands may occur because of the chemical similarity to the essential mineral, zinc.
Symptoms of mercury poisoning in the endocrine system include: 
Hypoglycaemia and dysglycaemia (low and poorly controlled blood sugar respectively)
Hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid gland)
Hypoadrenalism (under-functioning adrenal glands)
Constant fatigue (adrenal and thyroid gland exhaustion) and
A poor physiological response to stress.  
The oral cavity
Mercury also collects in very high concentrations in the jaw bones and the soft tissues of the mouth. This is a result of it being a heavy metal that literally sinks to the bottom of each body compartment including the jaws and pelvis and the fact that mercury is driven into the tissues of the mouth which act as a cathode to the anode of the amalgam fillings. 
Mixing gold and amalgam restorations in the mouth is also recognised to increase the amount of mercury vapour given off several fold and placing gold crowns over amalgam cores particularly drives mercury into the surrounding bone.
Symptoms of mercury toxicity in the mouth include: 
Bleeding gums
Periodontal (gum) disease
Mouth ulcers
A metallic taste
Excessive salivation
A loss of the sense of taste 
A burning, red, inflamed mouth 
‘Bald’ patches on the tongue or cheeks (includes geographical tongue) and
Dark spots on gums (‘amalgam tattoos’)
The ears: Hearing and balance 
Mercury also seems to collect in the many sensory nerves of the ear that serve hearing and balance. Symptoms include:
Poor balance
Tinnitus (ringing or whining noises in the ears)
Pain in the ear canals 
Poor hearing and deafness and
Difficulty interpreting what you hear.
Skin, hair and nails
For the body, the skin is a major route of excretion and it will try to expel mercury via the skin
leading to itchy rashes, and dry, flaking skin. It can also strange crawling sensations and reddening of the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. 
It also seems to interfere with the regulation of perspiration so that some people become unable to sweat while others sweat profusely. 
Cold, clammy skin
Dry skin
Peeling or flaking skin on the hands, feet and face
A puffy face
Red, flaky skin around the eyes 
Thick, red skin on hands & feet 
Pricking, stabbing, fizzing or crawling sensations in the skin (vermiculation)
Very itchy rashes
Eczema and psoriasis.
Mercury also seems to interfere with the autonomic control of perspiration causing:
Excessive perspiration
An inability to sweat or
Night sweats.
The quality of the hair and nails is also adversely affected causing: 
Loss of axillary, pubic, body or head hair 
Greying of hair
Dry, thin, wiry, dull hair and
Weak, flaky nails that split and tear easily.
The nose and sinuses 
Some of the mercury vapour from amalgam fillings adheres to the lining of the nose and sinuses from where it can be transported directly into the brain and cause the following symptoms:
Chronic sinusitis
Poor sense of smell
Chronic or recurrent rhinitis
Nasal congestion
A persistently sore throat and 
Chronic tonsillitis.
Mercury appears to collect within the eye balls themselves leading to the appearance of ‘floaters’ (dark cloudy areas), but also adversely affects the muscles controlling focussing of the eyes and lens and the sensory nerves of the retina itself leading to: 
Intermittent visual blurring
Deteriorating peripheral vision or ‘tunnel’ vision
Bulging eyes
Sensitivity to light
Difficulty focussing
Poor colour vision 
Poor night vision and
Difficulty moving the eyes. 
The digestive system 
Much of the mercury from dental amalgams is swallowed along with foods or in the saliva and the digestive system is usually one of the first to be affected. Mercury binds with and blocks the actions of digestive enzymes leading to poor digestion and the development of food intolerances. 
It also alters the normal ecology of the colon, favouring the overgrowth of yeasts (most commonly Candida albicans) and suppressing the growth of ‘friendly’ bacteria which can lead to the development of intestinal permeability or a so called ‘leaky gut’. Digestive symptoms of mercury poisoning include:
The development of food sensitivities and intolerances
Abdominal cramps and pain
Constipation and/or diarrhoea
Irritable bowel syndrome
Leaky gut
Nausea and
The immune system
The immune system is one of the first casualties of mercury toxicity. It causes a reduction in the number of natural killer (NK) cells which are responsible for policing tumours and viruses leading to the development of chronic viral infections and cancer. 
The effects of mercury toxicity upon the immune system include:  
Chronic, recurrent or frequent infections.
Chronic or recurrent yeast infections. Mercury actively promotes the overgrowth of yeasts such as Candida albicans causing thrush, ‘jock’ itch and athlete’s foot.
The development of allergies and sensitivities. Mercury alters the ratios of T-helper cells to T-suppressor cells so that the immune response is turned on more readily but not terminated, leading the immune system to over-react to a wide variety of foods and chemicals.  
Autoimmune diseases. Mercury binds to proteins on the surface of the cells of the body (the histocompatibility complex), leading the immune system to identify them as being foreign and initiating one of the 100 or more autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, scleroderma or Hashimoto thyroiditis.
Various cancers. The undermining of the immune response and in particular the disabling of the natural killer cells leads to the development of one of the most prevalent immune deficiency disease of all: cancer. 
The lymphatic system works to drain and filter excess fluid from the tissues and to initiate an immune response if required. The effects of mercury toxicity on the lymphatic system include: 
Water retention (especially of the legs) and 
Swollen lymph nodes (especially in the neck). 
General symptoms of mercury toxicity
Last, but not least, mercury particularly accumulates in the mitochondria (‘powerhouses’) of the cells where it poisons energy production. The presence of mercury in the circulation and the effects on energy production lead to:
A profound exhaustion and fatigue (chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia)
Low body temperature 
Cold hands and feet
Unexplained changes in weight 
Changes in appetite
Excessive thirst 
Headaches and migraines
Difficulty getting to sleep
Early waking
Insomnia and
Sleepiness during the day
Illnesses associated with mercury poisoning
There are a wide range of illnesses that have been linked with mercury poisoning including:
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
Multiple sclerosis (MS)
Parkinson’s disease
Alzheimer’s disease (AD) 
Crohn’s disease
Autoimmune diseases 
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) 
Autism and