Ylang-Ylang the Aphrodisiac Essential Oil Benefits for Skin and Hair Care

Ylang ylang benefits for your beauty and wellbeing, the Oil of Happiness

When talking about Ylang ylang, we immediately think about dizzying perfumes and fragrances from fare tropical island…but very often we don’t have any idea how marvelous is ylang ylang for our beauty…naturally!

ylang ylang EO in cosmetic


Its sweet and voluptuous fragrance, thanks to its olfaction properties, it will bring you joy and sensuality. It is well known to be a powerful toning up and aphrodisiac, this oil is used for decades to act on depression and irritability.

How ylang ylang will help you staying healthy

♥♥It acts well to fight parasites

♥♥It is used for decades by women to help against cramps and spasm (digestive and during period), in this case it is great to use it in synergy with petit grain essential oil. Use your blend by gently rubbing the aching area, the essential oils will penetrate through your skin into your blood stream.

♥♥It has good anti inflammatory benefits (so it is good to use it for health…as well as in cosmetic formulations)

♥It also have hypotensor benefits (calming down stressed persons), in this case the synergy with lavender essential oil is perfect.

How Ylang Ylang essential oil will enhance and enlight your beauty

♥It has very good skin cells regenerating benefits, so it’s great for asphyxiated and dull skins, in this case, apply a few drops on your cleaned skin…this will make your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated

♥It is a very effective antiseptic essential  oil

♥ It is a good sebo regulator, so it fits for all types of skins

♥ It is a great fighter against hair loss, in this case, the synergy with sage essential oil is the most effective

♥ Ylang ylang essential oil improve and enhance hair grow

♥Ylang ylanf essential oil is used by women for centuries to make shiny hair

How Ylang Ylang essential oil will benefit your wellbeing

♥This oil will have a calming effect on stressed persons, in this case, having a relaxing bath with a blend of synergic oils: ylang ylang, cedar wood and geranium, will relax you and help you to find a balance in your wellbeing.

♥Thanks to its composition, it will also have great balance benefits on your mood, it will be a great natural help against depression, the perfect synergy in this case will be with lemon verbena essential oil

♥Thanks to it’s unique and amazing composition, it will tone up your intellectual and sexual capacities


How to use ylang ylang essential oil

Ylang ylang essential oil can be added in any day or night cream, you can compose your own  natural fragrance with ylang ylang essential oil, it can also be added in your homemade shampoo formula for healthy and shiny hair or in your shower gel to regenerate your skin.

This is the perfect essential oil for a gift…or to seduce your Valentin!!!

Enjoy and be beautyful naturaly