How to DIY Extract Aloe Vera Gel, Easy Steps For Skin and Health

This post is all about the best, the easiest, the quickest…on how to extract Aloe Vera Gel

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Aloe is so famous and we all tryed to use at least once this plant’s gel on our skin.

how to extract aloe vera gel

You can find it, sometimes in tiny proportion, in your after sun gel. But…just look at the formula…is aloe gel coming as the first ingredient?

Do you find any kind of alcohol, ethanol…or that kind of molecule…which..will have a refreshing feeling…but will not help your skin to heal from sunburns, even  worst, it will agravate it.

And why not giving a try to a DIY Aloe Vera Extraction. It’s easy…you just need to have a plant in your yeard, or on your balcony…it grows like a weed in certain regions…

Nature is so well concieved…you can find it anywhere you can get sunburns.

I will write another post on all the different amazing ways to use aloe vera…on your skin as after sun gel, but also as an anti aging substance….

But this is not the end of how we can use aloe gel…it is also extremelly healthy for your digestion, it has wonderful anti inflammatory benefits…inside and out!!!

How to Harvest Aloe Vera Leafs:

Select plants you are sure have not been sprayed with any chemicals

Chose the leaves which are outside of the plant, the largest one close to the floor and standing horizontally. Indeed the vertical leaves are small, not ready to be harvested, and won’t contain a lot of gel

aloe leaves

Once cut with a sharp knife, let the latex drip out of the leaves for 10 to 20 minutes. The latex has an orange-redish color…and has a veeery strong smell. I would even qualify it stincky…

aloe latex driping

When no latex is driping anymore, wash your leaves.

Depending on the size of your leaves, and the size of your knife, you can chose or to cut small slices into  your leaves, it makes it easy to separate the leave from the gel…it is a little bit longer though

preparing aloe for gel


Slip your sharped knife between the exterior of the leave and the gel to separate the gel

aloe for gel cubes


how to prepare aloe

Once all the gel is separated, pour your cubes in a glass or a container and keep it in the fridge.

I usualy use this method to keep some cubes to put in my healthy drinks and smoothies

aloe gel cubes


Another option is to cut all along the leave sides to cut the sprickles
aloe gel preparation

Then slip your knife between the leave coating and the gel for the entire leave

aloe gel how to

Once you collected all the gel for skin care use, my advise is to blend the gel, to store it in a glass jar on the fridge. You can keep it for a week. If you don’t consume all the gel, you can also put it in the freezer.

My tip to freeze your aloe vera gel: use ice cubes container, it will make it so simple and easy to take a small amount out of the freezer.

blended aloe gel

Enjoy staying healthy and beautiful



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