My DIY Tip will do that in One Easy Step, Packed with Flowers and Fruits


Nature is keeping your beach hair look

Yes Beauties, lets keep the balance…right…last week I wrote a post about  how to DIY your shiny Brunette with natural ingredients.

So now the time is coming for the blonds who want to maintain or enhance this beach look all year-long.

This is so easy to realize

To realize your DIY rinse water you will need:

-One spray container (it can be a recycled from other hair or cosmetic products)

-One small bottle of chamomile Hydrosol: 3.3 Oz or 100 ml

chamomile hydrosol 10 DIY

-5 drops of lemon essential oil

-2  table spoons of lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients in your container and shake well before using

Spray on your hair after shampoo  twice a week, and let it dry naturally…(if you use a hair blow, don’t use your spray more than once a week…it would dry your hair too much)

Don’t forget to use a hair mask as often as needed, you can follow this cocoa butter recipe or with coconut oil.

Your blond hair will lighten progressively, offering shimmering glow blond sparkles.

With that natural recipe, you won’t notice your dark roots  so much…

Enjoy being beautiful today…naturaly


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One response to “How to Catch the Sun in your Blond Hair to Make you Look Like a Surfer Salty Beach Girl”

  1. This Sydney Life Avatar

    Next up – how to make your grey hair shine!?!?


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