Royal Orchid Extract Secrets Revealed

Royal Orchid Extract Sounds Precious…and it is

royal orchid extract


Some of you heard probably about some famous brands using Orchidée Impériale in very high end brands.

The name orchidée imperial come from Guerlain. I am totaly fond of Guerlain perfumes…so I learned a lot about it’s history…and the beautiful adventure in the time of Napoléon.

Guerlain window inspired by spring

Guerlain was proclaimed the official provider of the Empire. This is why, nowedays, the marketing team uses the term Orchidée Impériale. The real name ( INCI name) is referring to royal orchid…

orchid extract in cosmetic

So…what can we do with Royal Orchid Extract?

Royal Orchid extract is used by prestigious skin cares and perfumery.

This precious flower  has more than one benefit  to sublimate skin.

A Precious Flower

royal orchid extract

By its rarity and its elegance, orchid personify luxe and beauty.

This flower contains numerous active ingredients exalting skins.

This colorful active ingredient contains

♥ glucides: vegetal sugar softening the skin

♥ polyphenols and flavinoids  are protecting the skin against free radicals

♥ minerals: zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, calcium. These minerals  are nourishing the derm.

Thanks to its richness in anti oxididants and in minerals, stemed from the plant tuber, this botanical extract has protective, hydrating and anti aging benefits.

My tip to use royal orchid extract:

Use a few drops of royal orchid extract in your daily cream, mix it and apply immediatly…you will add beautifully and so easily a powerful anti agent natural extract into your skincare…

Enjoy and by blooming today