Black Shaving Soap, with Charcoal and Tea Tree Oil to Purify and Detox Men’s Skin

Gentlemen, if you shave the old fashion way, with soap and shaving brush, you will love to use this black, very mannish looking and woody smelling shaving soap.

black shaving soap

I admit, I often drop men’s needs in my blog, so I wanted to make it a little bit more balanced today

Even though I already wrote a post about a men cosmetic brand review with Bulldog skin care products, I know the balance is still tilting badly on the woman’s side…


The material you will need to realize your shaving soap

-An electronic weighing scale and or measuring spoons

measuring spoon and scale

– A small jar, I choose an aluminium jar with large lid, this is allowing to use the shaving brush directly in the jar. A recycled shoe polish box will be perfect.

-A soup blender

– 2 large bowls and 1 small

– a pair of protecting gloves and protecting glasses as well as long sleeves (this should remind you with your science classes isn’t it???)

here is my recipe for a 80 ml shaving soap :

A Coconut organic oil: 20 grams

A Castor oil: 30.4 grams

B caustic soda powder: 7.3 grams

B Mineral water: 14.7 grams

C Active vegetal charcoal: 0.2 grams or 2 DASH spoons

C Babassu vegetal oil: 2.5 grams

C vegetal glycerine: 1.8 grams (this will keep your skin hydrated ans soft, this will also soften your beard hair follicle)

C Tea tree essential oil: 30 drops

C Lavender essential oil: 20 drops.

C Pine essential oil: 10 drops

how to proceed to prepare your black shaving soap

Be very careful since you will handle caustic soda!!! Wear long sleeves, gloves and protecting glasses.

do not change the proportions nor the type of oil, since each oil has a specific saponification index.

If you want to change the proportions, please leave me a comment, I will give you the right proportions.

This being said, you will have a lot of fun!!!

mix all the “A” ingredients together

mix very carefully the “B” ingredients together

pour the A ingredients into the B mixture.

use your soup blender and mix for a few minutes, until your liquid turns creamy…thicker….

Once this is done, the saponification ( chemical reaction) is almost achieved. You can now add your charcoal and essential oils ( the C mix). The caustic soda has been neutralized and will not modify or distort your essential oils fragrances and cosmetic benefits anymore.

blend for 30 more seconds and pour into your jar.

Allow your soap to dry for 4 weeks. This is very important because during these 4 weeks, the saponification will end up its Chemical process.

After waiting sooooo long, ou will have the safest, chemical free, detoxifying, purifying and healing black shaving soap.

detox and purifying black shaving soap

This 4 weeks of setting will allow the reaction to be totally realized, the caustic part is then totally bonded with the vegetal oil to create a new substance which is no more caustic…at aaaaall, for example, for the olive oil soap, this substance is named sodium olivate ( like in authentic natural castile soap)…here thanks to our blend, we will obtain a blend of different sodiums…all natural…and safe.

No nasty chemicals!!! Only a sweet caress for your skin during your shaving, lasting all day long…and safe for environment too!!!

Maybe now you will be happy to shave?

man before shaving

Enjoy your healthy skin and be handsome naturally