How scrubbing and exfoliating matters for our skins?

Even dry, it is very important to exfoliate your skin pretty often.

We all tried different DIY recipes to get a smooth and radiant skin…but…sometimes even without knowing exactly what we are putting on our skin…and how.

So here is a very helpful scrubbing ingredient guide to keep or regaining a beautiful and soft skin, without damaging it.

10 scrub ingredients in cosmetic creams

But before giving you my top 10 natural ingredients ranking, let me explain you why it is sooooo important to use natural ingredient here: for our future and our environment.

Many famous brands selling scrubbing products are formulating with cheap plastic beads, which indeed are exfoliating your skin. But, after rinsing…is going directly into environment, rivers, lakes, oceans….

It is such a concern, even for government, some states, like Illinois, are banishing scrubbing products formulated with plastic beads!

scrubbing cream diy ingredients

So now is my ranking, from the softest to the roughest

All are excellent, but will be used differently depending on the frequency and where on your body you need to exfoliate.

1 being the softest for very sensitive face’s skins and frequent uses

10 being the strongest for feet and rebel zones, and won’t be used daily.


Iris powder

Iris powder is produced with the roots of the plant. It is used to perfume body powder thanks to its ability to stabilize fragrances, but it also have a very fine grain which is ideal to introduce in face cream for a very gentle scrub


Rosehip seeds  powder

Is the perfect powder for your face or even for a frequent body scrub. It will exfoliate your skin deeply and will leave it radiant and lightened without irritating it.


Dry Coconut Pulp

This is a soft thick grain exfoliating natural substance which, once integrated into your cream, will dispense its minerals and fatty acids and will have a mechanical scrubbing effect. It is ok to use it for your face once a week or on your body more frequently.

I use to keep the pulp of the coconut when I produce my own oil. This is a great way to recycle…and it is a great feeling on your skin!


Grinded Vanilla Bean

It is very simple to realize it yourself, as indicated in my post about vanilla scrubbing. It is soft for your face and can be used daily on your body.

I loooove the fragrance it is leaving on my skin


Strawberry seeds

Yes…you read it well, you can buy strawberry seeds and integrate it into your moisterizing cream for a gentle scrubbing, in a gel or in your shower gel. It is still ok to use it on your face even on sensitive skins. Of course it is great for your whole body exfoliation.


Bamboo fibers

Depending on the sizes of the grains, bamboo thin powder will be used for skin care by diffusing its minerals. When it is grossly crushed, you still have fibers, it will scrub your skin gently. It can be added into your cream, your oil or your shower gel to exfoliate your whole body.


Kernel olive powder

Her we get a little bit stronger. So it shouldn’t be used on face’s skin…at least this is my advise. It will be a delight to use it on your body…your skin will be exfoliated deeply and will stay soft…now you can hydrate it


Crushed Apricot Kernel

This is a pretty powerful scrubbing ingredient too. You find it in a lot of ready to use cosmetic ingredients…just read the label carefully, very often they formulate these scrubs with “some” apricot kernel and with plastic beads…


Cane sugar

Cane sugar is very famous for scrubbing.

It is powerful, sugar is good for your skin (outside….if you eat sugar, it won’t be healthy 🙂 )

It is a cheap ingredient and it will melt in your plumber pipes, so it won’t pollute the environment


Crushed agrounded coral

This is a fantastic natural ingredient for a very deep and powerful exfoliation. It is very similar to our bone structure (it was even used for bones’ graft by surgeons).

However, it is very…VERY important to only use agrounded coral you will find on the beach and never picking it directly in its natural environment…it would be destroying environment and it is forbidden.

scrub ingredients coral in cosmetic creams

For my cosmetic line I only use agrounded coral I find on the beaches and treat them with natural procedures to asepticize the ingredient. If you use it directly by blending crushed coral with your shower gel or cream and use it immediatly you won’t need to sterilize it. It is as safe as swimming in the ocean (If I need to sterilize it, it is for preservation reasons into my creams, but when I use it  for myself, it is directly from the beach, to my skin:) )

Now that you have this top 10 ranking guide, you can select the ingredient of your choice depending on your use and frequence of use. Pour a pinch of the selected ingredient into your usual daily moisterizing cream ( please use organic and healthy cosmetics, it is even more important when you exfoliate!!! It will help all the ingredients present into your cream to penetrate into your bloodstream).

You can add it into aloe vera gel, you can even extract aloe gel yourself by following the link about aloe vera

You can also use it into your shower gel…one more time, be sure to use a very safe and healthy chemical free shower gel to avoid chemicals penetrating into your bloodstream…some shower gels contains chemicals causing cancers, organ toxicity or genetical dna mutation!!!!

Now that you know everything about scrubbing ingredients…

Enjoy your beautiful natural skin, soft, enlightened and radiant



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