Leonor Greyl Shampoo Ingredient Review




Leonor Greyl Honey Shampoo…I have that bottle of shampoo in my bathroom for a while…probably a friend forgetting it when visiting…so let’s see what is in thereshampoo leonor greyl au miel ingredients reviw copie


The beginning of the formula is excellent…it’s getting more complicated down below…let’s have a look:


Like any shampoo, the main ingredient is water


Decyl glucoside is a tensio actif mainly used for its foaming action. Its origine  is vegetal, so it is safe and well tolerated by any type of skin…and hair, even sensitive. It is even great to use it in kids formulation


This is another tension active ingredient from coconut oil. So it is from vegetal ingredients. It is very well tolerated by the skin and hair. It is used to soften shampoo formulations and is offering a generous foam.


This substance is creating a gel substance allowing the shampoo to get the right consistence. It is classified as safe for use in cosmetics. It is not a natural ingredient though…but is ok to use…

To recap, using this ingredient, you save your life, you don’t save the planet. .. I know, I am picky 🙂


Surfactant – Emulsifying Agent produced from coconut oil and ester.

It is considered safe for using and for environment.

But here is the thing…as you noticed, I am very bad in writing in English because my first language is French, so, obviously, I can read French. The French Comptoir of  Interchimie is claiming in its security Database:


-In the chapter 4: first aid description:

Inhalation: get the victim to open spaces and fresh air

Contact with skin: if in contact with skin, clean the skin with soap and water

Contact with eyes: Rinse immediately and abundantly with water

-In the chapter 6.2 about environment protection:

Avoid penetration in sewer and drinkable waters.

Inform authorities if this ingredient penetrate into sewer or in public domain waters.

I know a lot of chemicals have to claim that in their safety record. However, this will not be the case if we talk about ingredients such as vegetal oils.

So I am just underlining the fact: the chemical industry is claiming essential oils are dangerous, and their products are safe for use??? Is it right??? Is it logical???

If I am taking the example of Decyl Glucoside  review on the same French Comptoir Interchimie in the formula above , please click here for the link

They are claiming it is an extremely safe ingredients certified by ecocert, no security or safety requirement. No need to warn for any safety for this ingredient…cosmetic should use only that kind of natural ingredient.



Propylen Glycols are found in almost every skin and hair care. It is called “industrial strength anti-freeze.” This is a solvent which is dangerous.

It is also used in machinery protection as an anti freezing in the winter. It is also found in brake fluid and other mechanical oils for the same reason. Because of Propylen Glycols ability to penetrate the skin very fast, the Environmental Protection Act requires workers to wear protective gloves, clothing, and goggles when working with this toxic substance. It’s Ingredient Safety Review warn against skin contact because PG has systemic consequences, such as brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities.   Cosmetic companies use PG to help keep their products emulsified ; and also from freezing or spoiling; or to make the product spread easily.

Let’s say…if it is good for a tractor, it’s god for your skin??? Not Sure…

My opinion: this shouldn’t be used in cosmetic products, nor in leave on or rinsed products.


Is a natural vegetal extract. It has moisturizing benefits

HONEY, Rich in sugar and nutrients, honey is also a real hydration booster. As we know, it is natural produced by bees. I take advantage of this ingredient to remind all the nature concerned beauties reading this post: bees will disappear if we don’t consume more natural products: free of pesticides. Indeed pesticides are ALSO killing bees. This video is not over dramatic, but is explaining pretty well why bees are important, and are drastically killed each year.

If you are concerned, feel free to watch the video I share for youtube channel Earth Unplugged: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izGQketQzTc



This ingredient is a film former and an anti static agent.

It is considered as a bio accumulative and organ toxicity ingredient by EWG, Cosmeticinfo.org is revealing that this ingredient is also a mutagenic (even though studies, always conducted and financed by the chemical industry, not private independent labs… is claiming this ingredient to be non-mutagenic). This is probably why EWG is mentioning products formulated with  POLYQUATERNIUM 11 has to restrain quantities.


This chemical substance is used as a filming agent and as a hair fixing agent. It is classified by COSING, the European Database safety for cosmetic as low overall hazard and is on use restriction. It is not a natural ingredient.


This is not the official INCI name. To translate, this is hydroglycolic rose extract. This is indeed a natural ingredient: roses petals macerated in water and glycol.


It is an antistatic and emulsifying agent

This is absolutely NOT a natural and safe ingredient.

PEG studies showed that these ingredient is containing toxic and carcinogenic traces substances such as heavy metals (mercury, arsenic, lead…)

It has also revealed that employees working in this type of manufactures are presenting numerous cases of leukemia as well as breast cancer.


No obligation to stipulate if it is chemicals or natural fragrances. If not specified, we easily understand  it is chemicals. These chemicals are causing cancer and or are neurotoxic. They are also strong irritants.


Is a natural ingredient


Chemical….this one has it all: allergies, irritant, immunotoxicity, ecotoxicoligy, bio accumulative, organ system toxicity. It is used as a preservative


This substance is a powerful and cheap preservative which is often used to replace paraben.

It is an irritant and allergen. The regulation  is strict, no more than 0.01% in concentration!!!

leonor greyl honey shampoo

What a deception!!!

All wrong at the end, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t use it with all my recent and strong allergies…

It is so simple for me now for my skincare products…I am producing my own…but shampoo is another story…

I will come up with a shampoo formula soon

I hope this post has been helpful


Enjoy being beautiful naturally