It is so rare for me to write a post about men skincare products.

macadamia vegetal oil for rich skin care cream

My former post about men products was a men cream review: Bulldog skin care for men (click here for this Bulldog review)

bulldog men natural skin care review

In this post I promised I would share a man cream recipe soon…

Here I am… with my tutorial and formulation for a rich, menlish cream…with a masculine natural fragrance…

I have to say, I have been inspired by my last post reviewing the macadamia oil ingredient’s benefits in cosmetic.

The Ingredients needed for this DIY men cream (for 50 ml)

For your oil mix:

-Beeswax: 1 gram

-A mix of Cetearyl Olivate and sorbitan olivate (from olive oil): 1.75 grams each for a total of 3.5 grams (use an electronic scale), if you don’t find these ingredients, replace with 2.75grams of beeswax.

-Macadamia vegetal oil: 5.5 grams

-Apricot kernel vegetal oil: 5.5 grams

For your water mix:

-Orange flower hydrosol: 17 grams

-Filtered water ( I use a PH filter and select the PH 6.5 which is ideal for my cosmetic) if you don’t have that kind of filter, use regular mineral water ( the lowest PH, the best, natural skin’s PH is between 5.5 and 6.5): 17 grams

-xanthane gum: 1.25 grams (mix it with your water mix while stiring energically)


For your finishing touch: the frangrance active ingredients:

-15 drops of geranium essential oil

-25 drops of Perou Balm essential oil

-10 drops of vitamin E (natural anti oxidant…great for your skin…and also acting as a natural preservative)

How to proceed: Tutorial for your men skin care face cream

Pour the oil ingredients in a bowl A, and the water ingredients in a bowl B.

Use a double pan heating, setting both bowls in the same pan (so you don’t need to keep track of the equal temperature of your 2 mixtures)

heat bowls in bain marie

As soon as you see the all the beeswax is melted, pour the bowl A in the bowl B while mixing…to emulsifie, exactly as if you where preparing a mayonnaise.

pour 2 mixture oil and water for emulsifyingWhen you have a white liquid, take the bowl out of the “bain marie”, put the bowl’s bottom in a cold water container, go on with stirring…once you notice the liquid is turning to be a little bit more solid, pour the countenance of the bowl C ( the finishing touch) into the bowl B and keep going with stiring for 2 more minutes. Your man cream is ready to pour into your cosmetic container.

macadamia vegetal oil for skin care cream

It smells veeeery good…I think the essential oil fragrance is well balanced for a man skincare. It can be used as an aftershave skincare…it doesn’t contain alcohol…and will hydrate your skin…

Ladies…it is a very good idea for a gift…

Mission accomplished…hydration, moister, masculine, natural fragrances, fighting age…all in one for men’s skin care

Enjoy…and be handsome by nature 🙂


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