How to DIY your Lemon Essential Oil and All the Beauty Tips to Use it

Lemon essential oil is a super secret for beauty and health.

This essential oil is probably one of the easiest oil to collect at home.

essential lemon oil diy

We can use it for our skin  as it is a good antiseptic and astringent. It also helps reducing the dark spots on mature skins.

The only contraindication is to never use it before exposing your skin to the sun. All the limes, lemon, orange, mandarin essential oils are phyto photo senzitising…it means…your skin can react and get inflamed after exposing to the sun.

Except for that particular point, enjoy all the benefits of nature…

To extract naturally, without even pressing your plant material, you will need to peel your lemons.

lemon peels maceration diy

If you look close…you will see a lot of little darker spots on the white side of your peels…these spots are called vesicles.

The vesicles are little bubbles filled with essential oils.

It is very important to use organic lemon to insure you to have chemical and pesticides free fruits.

In Australia, it is the season of lemon right now…I have some lemon trees in the garden…so I decided to share my DIY tutorial with you…

Are you ready? It is so simple…

How to DIY your macerated lemon essential oil

-Peel your lemons, don’t keep too much “white part” on your peels.

– Fill a glass jar (recycled is perfect) with the peels (keep the lemons…I will share a tip with you)

– Pour with the vegetal oil of your choice ( I like to use olive oil for some recipes, coconut oil or macadamia oil for other recipes)

-Close your jar with a lid, and let it set for 2 to 3 weeks. You can expose it to the sun…the heat will split up the bubbles filled with the essential oil

-shake the jar every two days

-After 3 weeks, filter your mixture…

Your diluted 100% natural lemon essential oil is ready to use.

Some recipes and tips to use your DIY lemon oil

Anti arthritic pain remedy or sport recovering:

-If macerated in olive oil,apply your mixture on your joints, let it set for the night…you will wake up refreshed…and with less or no pain.

Cooking recipe:

– use your macerated oil for salads seasoning (olive oil or macadamia oil)…it will offer a wonderful flavor…and has great liver detox and stimulation properties…

-use coconut macerated oil for delicious flavored cookies

Beauty tips:

-Use macadamia and lemon oil for an oil cleansing and de make up. Just like Japanese women are using the layering technique.

-If you have dark spots on your face or your hands, apply the oil for the night, rinse in the morning

-Use the macadamia-lemon mixture for a deep, effective anti cellulite massage oil before going to bed.

-Use the coconut mixture under the shower, adding some sugar, you will have a wonderful natural scrubbing butter. Your skin will love it

– Use the coconut mixture as a hair mask before the shampoo, than rinse with cold water…shiny hair guaranteed.

-Use the coconut mixture for white teeth…with oil pulling ( I will write a post soon about oil pulling), instead of rinsing your teeth with listerine, switch for a natural oil pulling to whiten your teeth. The coconut oil is a good and soft anti septic, the lemon oil will whiten your teeth…use it for 2 weeks, then switch back to your usual mouth rinsing.

Now that we used all the peels for our beauty, how to use all the lemon pulp

Cut slices of lemon, and keep them in the freezer. You will enjoy refreshing your drinks with unusual “iced lemon cubes”

I also like to add one or two slices of frozen lemon when my tea is too hot…

diy lemon essential oil

Enjoy…and be beautiful naturally today