Rose is the perfect essential oil to help you fighting against aging signs

Everything about rose essential oil is fascinating. From the strong flowery fragrance, captivating, it is the ally of all skins types to prevent or repair aging signs. It also has tonic benefits, it is definitelly a fabulous energizing, harmonizing and aphrodisiac essential oil.


Essential Oil

Damas rose essential oil, is one of the rarest and precious oil.

More than 4 tonnes of petals are used to obtain 1 kg of Damas Rose Essential Oil. For that reason, rose essential oil is rare…what is rare…is expensive.

But wow, this is the most beautiful oil for women. Should I say the woman’s best friend.

Rose essential oil can be used pure, even is so expensive, we all considere diluting it.

It is also a wonderful balancing oil for women’s mood, and hormons…

It is energizing, tonic, regenerating…

Inhaling rose essential oil has an olfactive benefits on your wellbeing, your balance. It is an uplifting oil which was used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac fragrance.

This oil is really an all in one…

damas rose essential oil

How to use rose essential oil

Take your usual face cream in the palm of your hand, add 1 drop of pure rose essential oil, mix with the tip of your finger and apply as usual.

You will be stuned by the fragrance.

My advise

Since you are using pure, organic rose essential oil, I would recommend you to use an organic face cream. We now know all the chemicals are penetration into your body. For more infos, please read my post on 26 seconds for the chemicals to enter your blood stream.

It is now proved and published by the CDC (center for disease control and prevention), click here to read the article.

Enjoy all the beauty of nature, be beautiful….and enjoy the rose essential oil marvel.