What is the difference between the two natural cosmetic ingredients:

Rose and Rosehip.

I like both, I use both, both have anti aging benefits for our beauty…so what is the difference

Rose versus rosehip the difference

This is a very interesting question asked by Joanna (see link of her blog on the bottom of this post).

Rose and Rosehip….It has almost the same name, it is from the same family…except for that…everything is different.

The plants are different

One is the famous rose,

damas rose essential oil

The other is the cynorhodon, a wild kind of plant from the same family.

cynorrhodon rosehip oil

For the rose, we extract an essential oil by steam distillation, the part of the plant which is used (plant material) are the petals exclusivelly. It is, therefor, extremelly concentrated in fragances

For the Rosehip, the part of the plant which is used to extract oil is the seeds….Rosehip oil is extracted  by a first cold pressed technique, this pressed oil is less concentrated in active ingredients than rose essential oil

The natural substances composing Rose essential oil:

Mainly monoterpenols are substances which have great tonic, anti inflammatory and microstimulation benefits. Thanks to these qualities, your skin is maintained in a healthy, anti oxidant environment. Anti oxidant is a key to avoid and fight lines and age signs.

To learn more about rose essential oil, you can read this post: The most powerful anti aging secret: Rose essential oil

Rose essential oil benefits:

Rose essential oil has also wonderful perfume benefits, as well as olfactotherapy benefits (olfactotherapy is the therapy using the action of volatiles molecules of essential oils on our brain). Rose essential oil is definitely a star when talking about essential oils fragrances. Its fragrance help to balance your addictions, it is very beneficial to a good mood, it is really uplifting…women’s hormons balancing…and even aphrodisiac.

How to use rose essential oil:

Use your regular face cream, add one drop of rose essential oil, apply as usual….and enjoy the arousing experience of being beautiful

The natural substances composing Rosehip Oil:

The composition  are mainly acid fatty acids or vitamin F (linoleic acid: omega 6: around 45 %) (omega 3: 30 %)

But also oleic acid (omega 9, around 15 %).

Rosehip vegetable oil benefits:

What is good to know about linoleic acid:

it cannot be produced by our body. A lack of omega 6 can lead to an intense dryness of the skin as well as allergies. This linoleic acid is part of the lipids which are participating to the good cohesion between skin cells (therefore avoiding lines).

It also contain carotenoids (refirming substance),

Vit E (natural anti oxidant),

Vit K: stimulate blood coagulation, so this substance has a good action against rosea and skin redness.

Squalenes: is a good anti oxidant.

Thanks to all these substances, this oil is replenishing your skin, it has astringent effects…

How to use Rosehip Oil:

Thanks to its very fluid and penetrating texture rosehip oil can be used ure as a day moisturizer. It enable to apply your make up just after applying rosehip oil since it is not leaving your skin with a greasy feeling. It also have a very light scrubbing benefit, leaving your skin free of dead skin cells. It also promote the presence of young skin cells.

You can also use it as a night cream, half an hour before bed time, apply with a light massage on a cleaned skin.

…both are good for lines and age….

Rosehip will maintain your skin perfectly hydrated and moistened

Rose will have an active effect on repairing and stimulating skin regeneration

So…when I really want to treat myself…I use a few drops of rosehip oil, I add 1 drop of rose essential oil, and I apply my blend on my face and neck with soft and gentle circular movements.

rose vs rosehip


This post is inspired by Joanna, who recently asked me the difference between rose and rosehip oils, Joanna is the author of this brand new blog: Joanna Frankham. If you have any interest in healthy food, if you are suffering from an auto immune disease…Joanna is helping you to follow the appropriate diet…to stick on it…thanks to her recipes and coaching….

Enjoy rose, enjoy rosehip…and be beautiful naturally…