What is the difference between these two natural cosmetic ingredients?

Rose and Rosehip.

We like them both as both have wonderful anti-aging benefits for our skin and beauty…so what is the difference you ask?

Rose versus rosehip the difference

This is a very interesting question asked by Joanna (see link of her blog on the bottom of this post).

Rose and Rosehip. They have almost the same name, they’re from the same family and yet, they are very different!

One is the famous rose,

damas rose essential oil

The other, is known as the cynorhodon, a wild plant from the same family.

cynorrhodon rosehip oil

For the rose, we extract an Essential Oil by steam distillation. The only part of the plant that is used in this process (plant material) are the petals exclusively which means that the EO is highly concentrated in fragances.

For the Rosehip, the parts of the plant that are used to extract oil are the seeds….Rosehip oil is extracted  by a first cold pressed technique. This pressed oil is less concentrated in active ingredients than rose essential oil

The natural substances composing Rose essential oil:

Mainly monoterpenols are substances which have great tonic, anti inflammatory and microstimulation benefits. Thanks to these qualities and the anti-oxidants, your skin maintains its healthy balance. Anti-oxidants are key to avoid and fight fine lines and signs of age.

To learn more about rose essential oil, you can read this post: The most powerful anti aging secret: Rose essential oil

Rose Essential Oil benefits:

Rose Essential Oil also has wonderful olfactotherapy benefits (olfactotherapy is the therapy using the action of volatiles molecules of essential oils on our brain). Rose Essential Oil is definitely at the top of the list when talking about Essential Oils’ fragrances. Its fragrance help balance addictions, helps elevate your mood, balances female hormones and is even considered an aphrodisiac!

How to use Rose Essential Oil:

Use your regular face cream and add one drop of Rose Essential Oil. Apply as usual….and start noticing the difference.

The natural substances in Rosehip Oil:

The composition is mainly made-up of fatty acids and vitamin F (linoleic acid: omega 6: around 45 %) (omega 3: 30 %). It also contains small quantities of oleic acid (omega 9, around 15 %).

Rosehip Vegetable Oil benefits:

What you need to know about Linoleic Acid:

A lack of Omega 6 can lead to intense dryness of the skin as well as allergies and skin sensitivities. This is where Linoleic Acid comes into play. It cannot be produced by our body and yet it is crucial to a healthy smooth skin.  How you might ask? Well, this acid makes-up part of lipids that helps cohesion between skin cells. And cohesion between skin cells means fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

Rosehip Vegetable Oil also contains:

  • Carotenoids: lifting agent
  • Vit E: natural anti-oxidant)
  • Vit K: stimulates blood coagulation and therefore helps alleviate conditions such as Rosea or skin redness.
  • Squalenes which is a great anti oxidant.

Thanks to all of the above, this oil helps replenish your skin and lift-it up!

How to use Rosehip Oil:

Thanks to its very fluid and penetrating texture, Rosehip Oil can be used as a day moisturizer. It is as great base before applying your make up since it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily. It also have very light exfoliating benefits, which helps your skin get rid of dead skin cells leaving room for young cells.

You can also use it as a night cream, half an hour before bed time, apply with a light massage on a cleansed skin.

So, when we really want to treat ourselves…we use a few drops of Rosehip Oil, add 1 drop of Rose Essential Oil and apply the mixture on a clean face and neck with soft and gentle circular motions. Not only will this helps absorb the oil into your skin, it will also encourage blood flow.

rose vs rosehip

This post was inspired by Joanna, who recently asked me what the difference between rose and rosehip oils was. Joanna is the author of this brand new blog: Joanna Frankham. If you are interested in healthy food and/or suffering from an auto-immune disease…Joanna’s blog is sure to help you find and follow the appropriate diet (and to stick with it !)

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Rose Oil and Rosehip and don’t forget if you have any questions, please comment down below ;


The Spoiled Bee

6 responses to “Rose Versus Rosehip, What is the Difference”

  1. Joanna Avatar

    Thank you! AWESOME – an education and a shout out all in one. Bless your cotton socks!

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    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Thank you Joanna !!!! :)))


  2. atkokosplace Avatar

    I enjoying using rosehip oil. I would love to use rose EO but the expense… Thank you for educating. Cheers, Koko ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Yes I know……rose essential oil is….so expensive… You can easily replace it by other anti aging essential oils…which have great anti aging and anti oxidant benefits…my advise would be to replace rose EO by half helichrysum ( which is the topic of my next post) …you know…like the creme divine from l Occitane…and half geranium….both EO are wooooonderful for our skin….and geranium has a pleasant fragrance covering the helichrysum strong scent…


    2. atkokosplace Avatar

      Oh that sounds wonderful…thank you for the tip! ❀ L Occitane cremes are nice to smell! 🙂


  3. […] rose oil ini berbeda dengan rosehip oil ya teman-temen (bisa klik disini untuk tahu apa perbedaannya […]

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