Hippocrates, the father of medecine, was already saying:

“The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage every day”

But how essential oils have a direct impact on our health and on our whole body hormones?

how essential oils impact hormons

The olfactory neurons are directly connected to the limbic system inside the brain.

Aromas molecules are instantly reaching the pituitary. This gland is the orchestra conductor of most of our hormones functions such as:

Thyroid, temperature, growth hormones, pancreas, adrenal glands, male and female reproductive hormones.

Aromatherapy has a strong hormonal balancing benefiton our whole body, it is natural and has no sides effects if correctly used

Take the right advises with well trained professional, and use essential oils for a very large range of health, wellbeing and beauty topics.



11 responses to “How Essential Oils Have a Direct Impact On Our Whole Body’s Hormones”

  1. mihrank Avatar

    I admit – you are the tope best informative blog – I have no words…I suggest to have a show in Internet Radio!!

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    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Waaaaaaaa…thank You so so much for such a nice compliment!!! I would love to share these informations on a show!!!! Whenever I can talk about health….and aromas….I am ready :). Please let me know if you are aware of any possibility….


    2. mihrank Avatar

      My mother is a doctor and my niece in junior Olympics, they find your blog very powerful. Could you please email me to my email address: kmihran@hotmail.com


      Miran ( Mino)

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    3. engelsfrance Avatar

      Great!!! Thank you. Doing that right now


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  4. Laurence Lebrun Avatar

    For me the immortelle essential oil is my favorite

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    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      It definitely takes a special spot in my heart too…I grow up in South of France…and riding the countryside with my horse….the bushes were packed with immortelles flowers….the horses were crushing the plants…and the smell is really engraved in my mind…. Plus…it s great for our skin! Thank you for your visit Laurence….have a beautiful day!


  5. Laurence Lebrun Avatar

    Just à little comment, don’t forget to mention the latin Name and the species of Helichrysum, because there are several species of Helichrysum and they are not the same activity.
    Good day

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    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      You are so right…no excuse…italicum….😉thank you Laurence

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