If you want to have the most active ingredients concentrated serum for mature skin,

here is the perfect homemade recipe

For sure mature skin needs vitamins and essential fatty acid to stay soft, glowing and tonic.

real age perfect diy serum

We all have the temptation to buy super marketed serum from famous brands, sometimes very expensive.

All of them are claiming miracles, high concentrations of multiple amazing ingredients, new substances…

So I spent some time in the beauty area of department stores and supermarket…and…for me, nos surprise (obviously otherwise I wouldn’t be here writing posts after post on benefits of natural ingredients for your beauty)

Prices are…from $12, up to $200

Ingredients are….so deceiving…

I will take an example…but these ingredients could be found in other brands…more or less…but similar…

Age Perfect from L’Oréal.

l'oreal anti ageing age perfect serum

Ingredients you get for your money

I wont analyze all the ingredients one by one…this is boring, time consuming….and useless

The first ingredient is water

Then are coming a farandole of silicones…silicones…and more silicones…(which are chemically coating you skin without treating or rehydrating it…it looks great…but doesn’t treat or help your skin). Moreover, it is not bio degradable, it is a waste from petrochemical industry, not what I would call ecologic.

Ohhh….now is coming a little bit of honey, here we have at least one active ingredient

back to bad news….parabens…

To recap, nothing really interesting for repairing your skin…just hidding by giving some “plastic” glowing.

Real Age Perfect Serum Recipe for Less than $10

less than  $10 anti age serum

What we really need in a good facial mature skin serum:

We need real “food” for our skin, by food, I mean vitamin A, E, essential fatty acids oil to regenerate your skin and offer it some replumping effects.

The ingredients you will need to prepare your super concentrated facial serum at home:

4 ingredients:

-20 ml of rosehip vegetable oil

-10 ml of argan oil (deodorized oil will be more pleasant)

-4 drops of cistus essential oil

2 drops of geranium essential oil

How to prepare your serum:

Mix all the ingredients together, pour in a glass bottle with a drop dispenser.

Your blend is an oil base, it won’t need any chemical preservatives (essential oils, are, by the way, almost all anti bacterial without aggressing the skin)

Why is this blend so concentrated in active ingredients?

Our main ingredients are vegetable oil containing the right balance of essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6)

Rosehip is redensifying and repair the skin

Argan oil will also hydrate the skin, but it also contains vitamin  A and E which are good anti oxidants

Cistus essential oil is an excellent astringent substance, good to fight aging signs too

Geranium essential oil has a tonic effect as well as an anti inflammatory effect, it also has a wonderful floral fragrance which will balance the cistus green smell

How to use your serum

Take a few drops in the palm of your hands, rub your hands together to exalt the oils benefits and apply gently on large circular movements.

The oil will penetrate pretty fast and won’t let you a feeling of oily skin

Your skin is ready to glow, repair and stay as radiant as can be thanks to all natural ingredients.

Your 30 ml of serum will cost you less than $10. You could argue that you had to buy all the ingredients and you have leftovers…you will use them for sure…to refill your next serum bottle, or to explore other recipes.

Enjoy being beautiful naturally today



4 responses to “DIY Real Age Perfect Serum For Less than $10”

  1. Beautywhizz Avatar

    Never heard of or used cistus essential oil. Must do some research and try your recipe out.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Thank you for visiting and reading…😊 cistus essential oil has wonderful benefits for health, immune system for example….it is an EO to be used to fight auto immune diseases….and beauty…though it doesn’t smell wonderful…I will write a post soon to explain everything about it….


    2. Beautywhizz Avatar

      Looking forward to reading about it! Thank you for sharing.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cistus Ladinifer Essential Oil Benefits in Beauty and Medicine, Complete Review | france's organic beauty secrets Avatar

    […] Anti aging use: add a couple of drops in your usual facial cream and apply, for a great anti aging serum recipe, click here […]


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