Peonies Secret Uses for Beauty and Health

These large flowers are beautiful in bouquet, the richness of colors and the delicateness of petals are making it a very decorative flower. But did you know peonies are used for their botanical medical and cosmetic benefits ? It was mainly used by chinese medicine. This plant is used for centuries by Chinese medicine to take care of menstrual cramps and to facilitate labour. peony for beauty and health   More recent researches in Japan (1982) are proving the strong anti inflammatory benefits of « paeniflorin » found in the roots. These publications are showing effectiveness on rheumatoid issues on animals. 20 years of Chinese researches are also underlining the anti inflammatory benefits as well as the immune modulator of peony powder. Thanks to these strong anti inflammatory properties, it is an extremely interesting plant to use in cosmetic formulas.

Peony powder’s benefits in cosmetic :

1 Dry Shampoo :

Peoni’s powder is used to sooth irritated scalp, this powder is especially recommended in case of scalp itching related with dandruff. In this case the best way to use it is under the form of dry shampoo. Peoni’s powder is mixed with iris powder or arrow-root powder, a few drops of essential oils can be added to complete the scalp treatment. Please check this post : Guide for DIY Hair Care with Essential Oils essential oils uses for hair care

2 Facial mask :

Use peony powder with clay, mix with water to obtain a creamy texture, apply on your face and let it set until dried. The anti inflammatory benefit will sooth your skin, the anti free radical action will offer an anti aging benefit.

3 Peony infusion (water macerated)

Peony powder can be infused in water, the infusion can be used as a calming lotion or can enter into your cosmetic cream formulations.   I will write posts with more recipes using peony powder soon.   Be beautiful naturally today Xx