Cistus Ladinifer Essential Oil Benefits in Beauty and Medicine, Complete Review

Cistus essential oil has been used for centuries  in antic medicines.

Egyptians were already using it as an anti hemorrhagic and healing oil.

egyptians using essential oils

The oil is extracted from cistus’ shrub and is originally from Mediterranean region. Cistus, in fact, one of the rare plants to present that amber fragrance which is so seeked by perfumers. It is also to be said, this sacred oil is in the same range as frankincense, cedar wood, benzoin or myrrh precious essential oils.

cistus oil benefits

The particularity of this plant is to be covered by a coat of extremely perfumed resin named “labdanum”. The resin function is to prevent cistus plants from dehydration. You can now imagine why it is so interesting to use cistus essential oil in cosmetic’s formulations.


Properties of cistus essential oil:

Anti virus, anti bacterian, anti infection







Indications of uses of cistus essential oil in beauty and medicine (as described in scientific books and publications)







Mature skins

Sagging skin


How to use cistus essential oil for skin care:

Light cuts and wounds: one drop on a cotton ball and apply on cut for a couple of hours

Anti aging use: add a couple of drops in your usual facial cream and apply, for a great anti aging serum recipe, click here

How to use cistus essential oil for health:

Auto immune and viral diseases: PR, MS

Infentile diseases: varicella, whooping cough, rougeolle

Decrease of immune defenses

Hemmoragia, nosebleed



Dr specialized in aromatherapy usually prescribe:

For viral and immune diseases: 3 drops of cistus essential oil mixed in vegetable oil; applied along the spinal cord (always refer to your doctor)

For noosbleed: one drop of cistus essential oil on a cotton bowl, apply in the nostril.


To use essential oils for medical purpose, always consult a specialist before using.

Be beautiful and healthy with essential oil