Angelica Archangelica Essential Oil Benefits for Health and Beauty

Angelica…Such a beautiful botanical name for this plant.

It’s name comes from its so-called magical virtue since the Renaissance Period: the Angel Grass, it was supposed to protect against  bad luck.

angelica archangelica essential oil

In fact, this flower is used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. This plant was used for its so numerous properties. Doctors in that period appreciated that flower  for its longevity’s vertues, they also used it against infectious diseases as well as a whole tonic remedy. It is said that Paracelse (one of the most famous doctor of all times, 1493-1541) used Angelica Archangelica to fight black plague. At that time he used the roots.

Health benefits of Angelica essential oil

Antispasmodic. Angelica essential oil decrease stomach and intestinal cramps, intestinal gas, colics

Anti coagulative, it eases blood flow. Therefore persons having coagulative issues should be careful while using Angelica essential oil.

Skin anti inflammatory

Blood purifying, this oil helps eliminating toxins.

Lymphatic system stimulator

Glands stimulator


Eases perspiration.

Carminative: Helps fighting against anorexia

Nervous system Sedative: calming stress, anxiety and emotions.  Relaxing.

It is to be noticed angelica essential oil is photosensitizing, angelica essential oil shouldn’t be used before exposing your skin to UV.

Angelica oil being calming and relaxing, my advise would be to use it in your night cream or night serum

How to use angelica essential oil for wellbeing:

Dilute essential oil in vegetable oil such as macadamia or hazelnut oil. Apply around the concerned organ.

Angelica essential oil benefits in beauty:



This essential oil is perfect for dry and rough skin

How to use angelica essential oil in your cosmetic:

Add 2 drops in your night skin care cream and apply as usual.

For a 100% natural skin care product, you can add a few drops in the vegetable oil of your choice.

angelica essential oil in skin care

Angelica essential oil composition:


-Coumarines and furocoumarines

Angelica archangelica shouldn’t be used during pregnancy nor breastfeeding.


Enjoy all the vertues of angelica flowers for a natural beauty