Fast Cosmetic or Slow Cosmetic, pick up your Beauty Concept

10 questions slow cosmetic

If you answered more yes in the slow section…you obviously have some consciousness on how to take care of environment and on your healthy beauty.

If you answered more yes in the fast section…you love beauty products and brands, you love to be a beauty…and you are soooo right on that point! It is so important to be feminine and to take care of yourself. I would just encourage you to avoid toxic products….I just want you to stay a beauty for a very long time… 🙂


In both case…you are a beauty products addict…and that’s great…We were born girls…let’s stay girly…


Enjoy beauties…and please, let me know if you are slow…or fast!!!


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If you want to read more on why I picked up the slow beauty concept, please click on the link below:

515 toxic chemicals in our daily used cosmetics: click here

515 toxic chemicals in daily cosmetics

26 seconds for the chemicals to enter into your bloodstream

26 seconds for the chemicals from your cosmetics

4 ways products are penetrating your skin

4 ways cosmetic ingredients will get through your skin

You are a slow cosmetic if:

1)      You know everything about your skin structure and your skin needs. You know how to react when an imperfection appears, you don’t panic for each break through.

2)      You enjoy using as less different products as possible to quench all your skin’s needs.

3)      You read all the cosmetic labels before any purchase. You know exactly in what you put your money in.

4)      You enjoy taking time when applying skin cares, as a relaxing moment, using face and body massages while breathing deeply ( inspired by Japanese layers beauty secrets for example)

5)      You are your skin’s best friend, and as  its best friend , you accept it as is.

6)      You know that the beauty is a matter of inner and out cares, so you stick on a global attitude for your beauty: you eat healthy (providing all the nutrients to your skin), you exercise, providing oxygen (anti oxidant), you don’t smoke, and you adopt a positive attitude.

7)      You hydrate your skin with natural pure vegetable oils, or add some essential oils for fragrance and active ingredients.

8)      You DIY your cosmetics to be sure on what you put on your skin

9)      You use makeup to underline your personality and personal beauty.

10)   You love yourself for all your facets, just like a diamond, you are unique.


You are a fast cosmetic if:

1)You still believe the perfect skin exists and you believe you need hundreds of beauty products to stay a beauty.

2)You buy and use a de makeup lotion, a scrub, a mask, an eye contour, a neckline cream, a lifting serum, an anti dark spot, a day cream, a night cream…

3) You believe all the commercials’ pitches and don’t try to find out what is behind the jar (on the label)

4) You desire always more, more products, more technology, more results, faster results, stronger results.

5) You are always seeking to transform your skin, you are looking for perfection.

6) You think cosmetic is the key of endless youth and ultimate beauty

7) You use a serum formulated with silicones, you use an occlusive facial cream.

8) You trust only prestigious cosmetic brands you are aware of from magazines.

9) You use make up to hide yourself.

10) You like to use any effective cosmetic to seduce others (even if you don’t love yourself)

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