2 in 1 Body and Hair DIY Lavender Gel

More than one year ago, I posted a French spoken video on my youtube channel on how to homemade a natural shampoo.

That video had a great success. I wasn’t expecting so much views. Obviously it is kind of a concern for natural beauties like you…

How to DIY a safe and natural shampoo?

lavender harvesting for essential oil gel

But first, what is the difference between a shampoo and a body shower gel?

Basically, if you use natural ingredients, you won’t find a huge difference. In both body shower gel and shampoo, you will find soft detergents (soap), water and thickening agents.

The usual shampoo brand you will buy contains silicons. This is a petrochemical ingredient which is coating your hair, giving you the feeling your hair is hydrated. It will also stop your hair to present to much static electricity.

The reality is, silicons are covering the surface of your hair, stopping the active hydrating ingredients to penetrate and “really” hydrate your hair.

So today, I am sharing a great and so easy recipe I am using for a long time.

I am in South of France for the moment visiting family, and in Provence right now…it is lavender’s season…so lets dive in the wonderful lavender scent…and enjoy all the benefits of this amazing essential oil.

Here is my recipe:

For 500 ml approximately

-Buy an organic neutral washing base in your usual organic store or order it online.

-Pour 1 table spoon of Argan oil or Abyssinian oil in a 500ml bottle

-Add 1 tablespoon of honey ( Living in Pacific region, I like to use Manuka honey, but when I am in Provence, I use lavender honey, basically, you can buy any liquid honey at your farmer market )

-Add 50 drops of lavender essential oil

-10 drops of tansy essential oil or 10 drops of chamomile essential oil

Shake for a few seconds and let it set for 24 to 48 hours, allowing the synergy of the different ingredients to enhance.

Thanks to tansy or chamomile essential oil (containing a natural component: chamazulene), your body and hair gel will have a nice blue-green color.

The synergy of essential oils will soften your skin, your scalp and hair

The vegetal oils will hydrate your skin and hair naturaly

lavender oil for diy shampoo


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Enjoy your natural beauty