Essential Oils Diffuser: the Fusion of Aromatherapy and Technology While Traveling

In a lot of posts, I wrote on olfaction therapy…or healing with essential oils scents

I have to say, I use essential oils by inhalation more and more since I am suffering from a strong trigeminal neuropathy (and for all the persons suffering from TN….we do not know any trigeminal neuralgia or neuropathy which is mild. )

USB essential oil diffuser


So yes…any tool helping to ease supporting the pain is sooo welcome 😉

And in fact, olfactotherapy is used in palliative  and pediatric centers to help coping with strong and chronic pains.

OK, this is not the magic bullet…a neuropathy IS a neuropathy…but emotions coming with paroxistic pains are for some of us, difficult to manage.

Essential oils diffused or inhaled are a good way of managing the side effects of pain, but they also purify naturally the air…relax or stimulate…depending on the oil you select.

Essential oils reach your pituitary gland in your brain directly thanks to your olfactive neurons…

how essential oils impact hormons


Scents are used for centuries for seductions, for religious rituals, for antiseptic reasons, but using a diffuser is sometimes challenging. When I am at home I have a super nice and effective diffuser…all made of glass…and wood…..I love it…but traveling with it….no way….too fragile!!!

Recently I went to a Whole Food store and I found a super genius little device:

A USB essential oils diffuser.

portable USB essential oils diffuser

I loove it, it has 3 speeds of diffusion, it is so tiny mini, you can really travel with it in your pocket.

It even fit on a very thin Mac Air.

And to preserve the nature and chemotype of essential oils, the small bottle containing the essences is in glass.

It is so convenient to have your private own diffuser hooked on your laptop…

I simply L.O.V.E. it

This is a way I enjoy technology 😉

Florame aromas diffuser

I will share some blend for diffusion soon…stay tuned….and beautiful with nature