Cosmetics have been through a lot to make women feel beautiful, colourful and radiant

Two or three decades ago, women were fond of deep, bright colours, very often to match with their colourful clothing.

70th make up colors

This make up trend was sadly packed with synthetic pigments.

Then came the trend of a nude and more natural look- mineral pigments were born!

Nude make up

We particularly love that kind of makeup because your skin’s natural radiance shows through.

An even newer trend is starting to appear and that is the use of botanical makeup made purely from flower and fruit powders. They must be micronized before using but if you are wanting to be more mindful of what you are putting on your skin or have allergies to mineral pigments; they are a great option.

We have done a lot of research and we came up with some great beauty recipes to share with you in coming posts, but first, let us introduce you to our latest discoveries:

Hibiscus flowers are really saturated in deep pink/red pigments and this makes them ideal to use a makeup pigment

hibiscus drying

Below is our first harvest.  As you can see, the driest the flower, the darker the pigment.

hibiscus powder

The colour palette will also depend on the natural colour of the flower. In Vanuatu Island for example, we found some beautiful deep fuchsia and red coloured hibiscus.

Other great examples of botanical pigments that can be used as a natural makeup pigment:

Rose powder

Rice powder

Fruit powders such as raspberries or blueberries.

Spirulina powder (spirulina is a deep green algae, it needs to be diluted though as it smells like…Well the sea)

Cocoa powder

Iris root powder (this won’t give colour but will offer a great base for your loose powders and will hold the fragrance in your products).  It has been used by perfumers for centuries.

Arrow root powder: same as Iris or rice powder, will give your loose powder a wonderful and soothing texture.

Bamboo powder:  a wonderful botanical ingredient. Packed of Silicium and great for your skin, it feels soft as silk.

Please let us know which of the above ingredients or recipe you would like to try at home.

Any comments or questions, please let us know below.


The Spoiled Bee

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