What is the Edgy New Trend for Make Up Pigments?

Cosmetic has been through a lot to make women beautiful, colorful, radiant…just like spring flowers

Two or three decades ago, women were fond of deep, bright colors, very often to match with their clothing colors.

70th make up colors

These make ups were saturated with synthetic pigments, women were feeling beautiful, and….truly, they were beautiful!

Then came the trend of nude, natural look, mineral pigments were born…on a marketing point of view….women always used minerals to look beautiful

Nude make up

I particularly love that kind of make up, showing the radiance of the skin, minerals are very often good options….except for some allergic women, and I would also add, mineral make up doesn’t mean it is free of chemicals, or even free of nano particules.

I already approached that nano particules topic in one of my former post. Some recent researches are underlining the possible dangerosity of the particles…indeed, they are so tiny, they penetrate your skin, and could represent organ toxicity.

The very new trend…coming in the organic fanatic field, is the vegetal make up, made up with flowers or fruits powders. They need to be micronized to stay fluid enough ( micronized….I didn’t say nano micronized 🙂 )

So now…what kind of plants can we use to make our DIY make up?

I have done a lot of researches, a lot of trails, harvesting…and I came up with some great formula I will share with you in coming posts, but first, let me introduce you to my finds.

I wrote a post on hibiscus benefits for our health, and shared a great tasty slimming iced tea recipe.

But hibiscus is really saturated in deep pigment….and they are great for make up

hibiscus drying

Here is my first harvesting. As you can see, the driest, the darker, which is actually great. We can play with blending with a very ancient ingredient, used for centuries by Japanese women: rice powder.

hibiscus powder

The palet will also depend on the color of the flower, here in Vanuatu Island, I found some beautiful fuchsia colored hibiscus, as well as red hibiscus.

Let me list other examples of vegetal pigment that give a great effect…and is totally eco friendly and healthy friendly:

Rose powder

Rice powder

Fruits powder, going from raspberry, blueberries….

Spirulina powder (spirulina is a deep green algae, it needs to be diluted though, it smells the sea…. 🙂

Cocoa powder

Iris root powder (won’t give color but will offer a great base for your free powders and will hold the fragrance you will put in your recipe (essential oils or natural fragrances) It is used by perfumers for….centuries.

Arrow root powder: same as iris or rice powder, will dilute and offer a wonderfull soothing texture to your make up

Bamboo powder….this is a wonderful vegetal ingredient. It is full of silicium, great for your skin, and as soft as silk…I love it….and will for sure write a post on it soon…..

So now, here is my vegetal make up

vegetal eye make up

I hope you enjoyed these cosmetic new infos….be sure you will find flowers everywhere soon….at least in any healthy make up brand….as well as in your DIY.

Please let me know what of the above ingredients or recipe you would like me to share soon.

And be beautiful….with nature….