How did I save my daughter’s life with plants.

This amazing story is in this video:


Indeed, 27 years ago, my daughter has been attacked by hundreds of wasps.

Discover the way I saved her….with plants


Why are plants producing substances which heal human: essential oils.
Plants have the amazing ability to produce and hold substances in their leaves, barks or flowers.
For centuries humans have been using plants to heal themselves, from the cavemen with fumigations, the Egyptians for embalming their pharaohs, the perfumers to cover bad smells and seducing.

The perfumers saved from Black Plague

Let’s talk for a few moments about perfumers. It is amazing to know that, during the Black Plague, perfumers where spared from this fatal disease. The only explanation was that they were surrounded by essential oils.
Science proved later that essential oils are strong anti bacteria and anti viruses. Indeed, physicians passionate by aromatherapy did a lot of researches and trails about how effective essential oils are to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi as well as repelling some insects, attracting birds or some pollinating  insects.

 Plants’ Immune System

Plants, naturally, know how to create the perfect balance of substances’ synergy to protect themselves without side effects.
Depending on the geographic localization, the flora is adapting to the fauna. Plants are producing their own balanced “immune system” .

Distilling Plants= Concentrated Essential Oils

Us, human, developed the science of collecting, studying and using all these different plants, distilling them to obtain a concentrated essence….which is so beneficial for our health. This is called aromatherapy.
Thanks to the ancestral knowledge of botanic and plants, I saved my daughter!!!
If you ask any expert in aromatherapy, yes, essential oils have been proved to be effective in many infectious and inflammatory situations. Scientific trails are, still today, published.
This post’s purpose is not to prescribe a treatment against a massive wasps’ stings, which, I can personally testify, is an emergency situation, it only related my own story.

 Essential Oils for Our Beauty and Wellbeing

But back to our beauty, essential oils are also proved to be very effective for our beauty longevity and skin wellbeing…
Back to our small dark glass bottle….lets be pretty….with aromatherapy




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