0% Cellulite, 33% Grapefruit Essential Oil, 33% Healthy Food, 33% Walking to Go to Work, 100% Babe

There is no good season to start fighting cellulite

There is no good age to start preventing cellulite

There is 100 good reasons to use grapefruit oil

And for sure, when spring is arriving….we all see a bunch of posts popping up…to fight cellulite

But you know…cellulite is installing slowly…my passion her is essential oils….and slow cosmetic

So let’s begin our girly beauty battle with essential oils today.

And I have two good reasons to share this post when winter is pointing its nose on North hemisphere….

1- Planet earth has also a South hemisphere….summer is arriving in South Pacific, beach time…and pretty legs are almost out…

2-Winter is the perfect time for the North hemisphere….grapefruit essential oil is wonder to help blood circulation, eliminate toxins…and decrease cellulite aspect….but shouldn’t be used before exposing your skin under sun UVs…. limes oils are photo sensitizing.

So if used in summer time, be sure to use this oil in the evening, it will penetrate your skin during the night…will work while you rest….tadammmmm….

So now if you want to have legs getting as close as possible as Violette’s legs…lets start today…Violette is using grapefruit essential oil under her shower every evening for more than 6 months…results are there…

anti cellulite with essential oils

And don’t be frustrated if you don’t have the same legs as Violette’s….we are all different, some of us…like me…are older…like really older (hey, I am her mother), but what is important is to improve your own skin, blood circulation, health, wellbeing…and grapefruit essential oil, if combined with healthy food ( I am not saying diet….healthy food is what we need) and exercising…you will get results….NO DOUBTS.

My DIY Recipe for Grapefruit Oil:

grapefruit essential oil

Literally, we shouldn’t talk about essential oil since it is not distilled or extracted with solvants…but basically, we call it essential.

In grapefruit, essential oil is stored in little bubbles in the peel:

All the little dots you see on that photo are little bubbles (vesicles) full of grapefruit oil. By following this DIY recipe, you will be able to have a macerated oil extremely concentrated in grapefruit essential oil.

grapefruit peel with essential oil

The grapefruit peel is full of these little bubbles.

To realize your DIY grapefruit oil, you will need:

-Grapefruits, (I used only one, mine was huge, Vanuatu grapefruit are gigantic and delicious, however they have a lot of grapefruit seeds in it), oh, and I almost forgot to tell you…use organic grapefruit, you don’t want all the pesticides sprayed on fruit in your oil….neither on your skin!!! Mine is organic and equitable fair.

-Vegetal oil, one of my favorite oil to treat skin is coconut oil…just  enough to cover your peels, but macadamia or hazelnut oil have great benefits on skin too

-A recycle glass jar

-A mortar and a pestle, don’t worry if you don’t have one, you will use a wooded spoon as a pestle directly in a glass or porcelain bowl

-A knife to peel your grapefruits

-A cheese cloth  (or un used knee stocking) for filtering

material for your DIY grapefruit oil

How to proceed to realize your DIY grapefruit oil

Peel your grapefruits, peel as less “white” as possible to get the most concentrated oil

DIY tutorial for grapefruit oil

No need to peel a long piece like on my photo above, I just wanted to have nice photos (by the way, do you know that almost all the photos on my blog are mine?)

grapefruit peels for macerated oil

Pour your jar with as much peel as you can…..I mean….really a lot, than cover with your vegetal oil

grapefruit oil diy

Cover with a lid and place in the sun. If it is cold and you don’t have sunny days, you can use a double pan to heat your preparation without burning it, or denaturing your oil.

The heat will make the little bubbles to be swelling…and to release some of the grapefruit oil into your preparation,

After heating for one hour in a double pan, or 2 days in the sun, collect the leftover of oil in another jar, put the peels in the mortar and crush the peels (it will still be soaked with oil, its perfect that way), you will release more of the grapefruit oil.

Put the peels and all the oils from the mortar in your cheese cloth, proceed over your oil jar, and press as much as you can, you will see your Gold/Grapefruit anti cellulite oil dripping.

If you want to have a very concentrated oil, proceed the same way again, using the same oil, with fresh grapefruit peels.

Honestly, I am too lazy, I do it only once…better to use your oil every  day and less concentrated, then using it only once…and forgetting your oil…and massage….and blood circulation….

How to use your grapefruit oil?

-Violette is using it under the shower, on a brush, she rubs energetically her legs from the bottom up, so she stimulates her blood and lymph circulation and eliminates all the dead skin cells while brushing. This is facilitating the oil penetration.

-I use this oil every day after my evening shower to keep my mature skin hydrated while letting the grapefruit oil working against my cellulite during the night. Once a week, I use a table spoon of that same oil, I mix it with brown cane sugar for a deep scrub….helping the active ingredient to penetrate into my skin.

Also I couldn’t recommend more to be observing a healthy diet….I am not talking about any extra pound or kilos to be lost here….but about your health…pounds will spread if you take care of your health.

Never expect the perfect body…this is frustrating and tempting to abandon your resolution….rather expect improvement of your skin aspect and your health, tonus and happiness….this is atteignable…and so enjoyable….

By the way, eat the grapefruit….its healthy, full of vitamin C….I will share a sweet and sour shrimp salad recipe soon….sooooo yummy

And last but not least, oxygenating your body by exercising, walking, playing with your dogs….cats, going for some photo shooting of flowers, trees, butterflies….whatever…. in the forest, or simply going to the gym….

Our body needs exercise…it is an excellent anti oxidant…


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Maybe I am not yellow, maybe I don’t smell like a grapefruit….but I purr like an angel

grapefruit and jealous cat

Half an hour later, she was back with her babies

kitty visiting


Awwwwwww, so cute!!!


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