10 Major Diseases Could Be Cured With This Plant: Vanilla

Vanilla is in each of our dreamed dessert, in every beheading fragrance, but even though, this post will help you to never under estimate the

Pharmacological Activities of Vanilla Extract

vanilla pods for organic cosmetic fragrance

For sure, vanilla is used everywhere around the planet to offer wonderful pleasant aromas.

But Vanilla is much much more than that….

Vanilla has recently be proved to be very effective in multiple major health issues.

1- Reduce Chromosomal damage

chromosome dna


Recent scientific researches published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences  have shown evidence of anticlastogenic properties of vanillin (avoiding chromosome breakage).

One of the consequences in consuming natural vanillin could be to improve male spermatogenesis.

2- Reduce Skin Chromosomal damage caused by UV or Xray radiation.

preparing skin for sun naturaly

Protective effect of vanillin on UV and X Ray radiation has been demonstrated and published here.

Eating vanillin is protecting our skin against skin chromosomal damages while exposed to the sun (54, 5 to 90,9 %).

3- Anti Cancer Effects

Publication 1: Vanillin supresses in vitro invasion and in vivo metastasis of mouse breast cancer cells. The conclusion of this publication: since vanillin is generally regarded as safe (Natural vanillin, if well harvested and dried IS safe), it may be of value in the development of anti-metastatic drugs for cancer treatment. (my comment here: It is important to underline the fact that vanillin has to be natural and not synthesized, and shouldn’t be consumed in dessert if the purpose is to slow down cancer condition, sugar IS feeding cancers cells).

vanilla essential oil in aromatherapy

4-Anti oxidant Effects

Studies on the anti oxidant activities of natural vanilla extract and its constituents compounds ( the synergy of vanilla aromas extracted by ethanol solvent are shown in  this publication:

Studies on the antioxidant activities of natural vanilla extract and its constituent compounds through in vitro models.

vanilla oily macerate for natural cosmetics

5-Killing Mosquitoes larvae allowing the prevention of malaria

Some studies are showing a strong evidence of vanilla capacity to kill mosquitoes larvae, this could avoid naturally malaria.

6- Vanilla reduces blood sugar

Vanilla is therefore beneficial to diabetics patients (if not consumed with sugar:)

click here to discover the scientific publication.

blood sugar

7- Vanilla extract is a natural anti inflammatory agent

It is shown in this publication that vanilla extract contains natural steroids. It will therefore have anti inflammatory benefits  : Characterization of chemical groups and identification of novel volatile constituents in organic solvent extracts of cured Indian Vanilla beans.

8-Vanilla bean has aphrodisiac activity

This publication evaluating the aphrodisiac effect of vanillin in male rats shows significant aphrodisiac properties.

vanilla pods full of vanilline seeds

9-Vanilla is helping in sickling anemia condition.

Vanilla is proved to be a potential agent for treatment of sickle cell anemia.


10- Vanilla has antimicrobial properties

2 very interesting scientific publications are showing evidence that vanilla could be an excellent antimicrobial agent to use to avoid food spoilage, it could also help our health by avoiding bacteria mutation, and therefore allowing antibiotics to stay effective. It is also to be added that aromatherapy has many amazing anti bacterial oils which are selective antibiotics.

In all these cases, the vanilla extract is effective.

How can nature be beneficial to our beauty thanks to vanilla?

Vanilla extract, by being an anti oxidant, is helping us to fight aging signs, and indubitably, to make us happy, well balanced… 

I have been very happy to share these informations with you, please note that these informations are for informational purpose only, please require your health specialist for any health condition.

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Take care…with nature

And be beautiful….naturally….