How to Get Through Winter Essential Oil Survivor Kit

As far as I remember, as soon as the first signs of cold were pointing their nose, I was feeling depressed.

The mix of days shortening, the lack of sun….and the back to work winter routine….was overwhelming …

Now that I am living on a tropical island…I was almost forgetting about winter depressing feeling…

But when talking to my family who is experiencing the reality of winter, telling me about cold, flu, stuck nose, tiredness, depression…I decided to create a winter survival essential oils kit….

essential oils in aromatherapy and cosmetics

Plus, it makes a great gift….doesn’t it change from flowers or a chocolate box ???

winter essential oils

So my selection is based on stimulating the immune system, purifying air, killing bacteria…regulating the nervous system…and enjoying winter again

Tropical Basilic essential oil

tropical basilic

This essential oil is a powerful nervous system toner, it is a positiving oil which is largely used against stress, nervous spasms, intestinal cramps and even asthma (thanks to its antispasmodic properties).

It has strong anti inflammatory (inflammation from infection) properties.

Tropical Basiclic essential oil also has a positive action against blood circulation issues.

In olfacto therapy (using essential oil’s inhalation) : Tropical basilic is calming anger and frustration, boosting physical and emotional fatigue, helping in self affirmation. It is the perfect oil to inhale when you are in a situation you don’t stand anymore.

How to use this essential oil :

Applied on skin : Dilute the oil in a carrier oil (coconut oil, olive oil, macadamia, sweet almond oil….) : 2/3 of carrier oil, 1/3 of basilic essential oil. Rub around the solar plexus (around the stomach/chest area).

By inhalation : directly on the bottle, slowly inhale than exhale, blocking one nostril with a finger. Block the other nostril and repeat multiple times. For more informations on how olfactotherapy works on our whole body’s hormones, please read this post : how essential oils

Atlas cedarwood essential oil :

atlas cedarwood

Has great lymphatic tonic properties (bonus : it helps fighting against cellulite).

This oil stimulate the immune system.

It helps to fight against bronchitis and cold.

In olfacto therapy, Atlas cedarwood essential oil is used to fight depression, addictions, indecisiveness. It helps to re balance, find serenity and patience. Its subtle wooded fragrance is an invitation to meditation.

Cedarwood essential oil stimulates the production of melatonin ( please read this post for more infos), therefore it is the perfecto il to help faling asleep.

How to use cedarwood essential oil :

To apply on skin, dilute ½ carrier oil with ½ essential oil by using a drop dispenser. This dilution can be used on the solar plexus ( this oil can be blended with other essential oils for a tailored wellbeing experience).

By inhalation : directly on the bottle, slowly inhale than exhale, blocking one nostril with a finger. Block the other nostril and repeat multiple times. For more informations on how olfactotherapy works on our whole body’s hormones, please read this post : how essential oils…

You can also apply a few drops on your pillow case, or do your DIY essential oil ‘s diffuser (click here to find the DIY tutorial)

Frankincense essential oil.


Boswellia carterii essential oil is a wonder for winter time since it is stimulating the immune system, is a powerful expectorating oil, it is also indicated to use if suffering from asthma.

It is a strong anti depressive essential oil.

( It is to be noted that recent scientific trails have proved the antitumoral benefit of frankincense essential oil)

This oil is a wonder for meditation, it is known for centuries to help rising the spirit.

How to use this oil :

Apply on skin, rub

By inhalation and diffusion

Orange essential oil (citrus sinensis)

diy anti aging face cream natural cosmetic recipe

This oil has relaxing, calming and sedative benefits, it is a strong antiseptic essential oil.

It also helps digesting (isn’t it good to know about that property around Halloween treats and Holiday chocolates).

It fights anxiety and nervosity.

It purifies the air

How to use Orange essential oil :

Mainly by inhalation and diffusion (please check my former post on cleaning your floor with orange essential oil by clicking here, this is a perfect way to diffuse orange essential oil). Orange essential oil brings good mood and optimism.

Orange essential oil can be ingested on a honey spoon (orange essential oil is also used to flavour desserts or dishes)

To be used for diffusion, the synergy is great with wooded essential oil.

Neroli essential oil :

neroli plant meterial for essential oil

Neroli or citrus aurantium essential oil is my favorite, it is considered a precious oil. It has numerous amazing benefits for health and beauty, though I use it only in olfactotherapy on the bottle, it is an expensive oil. The reason why it is expensive is because of the poor yield : 1 tone of orange tree flowers is required to produce ½ a liter of essential oil…but wow….smelling and enjoying neroli’s fragrance is a whole and wonderful experience.

This oil is definitely a positiving essential oil, it is a neurotonic, recharging and balancing the nervous system. It is a great oil to fight depression. It helps prevent and fight burn out, anxiety and even nervous high blood pressure.

It is widely used by high ends perfumers and I can tell why…this is such a delightful essential oil. This is a whole flowers’ bouquet in a small bottle…

Thyme : thymus vulgaris ct linalol

thyme for essential oil

This oil is a very sweet thym oil which is famous as an antibacterial oil. It stimulates the immune system. It is used to fight and prevent ENT diseases. It also helps fighting against nervous fatigues.

How to use thyme essential oil :

Mainly used applied diluted in a carrier oil on the chest and throat. It can also be used blended with other essential oils to DIY your tailored essential oil blend.

Enjoy the winter…take care…with nature

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