What is the mystery behind which lotus flower is hidden?

ayurvedic beauty the mystical lotus flower

How can we use lotus flower for our beauty and wellbeing?

Lotus flower has been used for centuries for beauty and wellbeing, so lets re discover the wonders of Lotus.

Indeed, Buddha is always represented with lotus flowers, since its perfume is considered to alleviate the spirit.

the mystical lotus flower

Egyptians were also using lotus fragrances as a sacred substance and chose the lotus flower as the symbol of Upper Egypt.

Lotus flower is used in Ayurvedic practice, the lotus flower is still considered sacred by Hindus.

Ayurveda, or Ayurvedic medicine, is a very complex therapeutic science used for more than 5000 years in India. Ayur means life, and veda means science.

It is to be added, lotus’s subtile and exquisite fragrance is also famous for setting the mind and spirit into stillness and clarity.

Lotus is the symbol of enlightenment and is esteemed a medicine for the soul.

White and pink lotus flower essential oils are used in very high-end perfume.

lotus flower

The Lotus flower extract in perfumery

The lotus extract has a powdery, subtile, flowery and green fragrance. We can find white or pink lotus extract.

The lotus essential oil is extracted with solvent and is very high-end oil, so it is mainly reserved for perfumery. I believe when we always use natural ingredients, we spare so much… we deserve some treat….and this is the perfect gift (if your hubby or sweetheart has no clue for your anniversary, christmas, or…as a no reason treat….give him some clue 🙂 …only a few drops of lotus extract mixed in your own tailored perfume is such a treat….if you need gift ideas…this is a pampering, sweet and very personal gift…

But the seeds lotus’ powder is another way to introduce this mystical flower…famous for its astringent properties, enabling women to get back a smooth and radiant skin. This is another treat


How is lotus powder used

For your beauty :

1-Facial Mask :

It can be used as a mask, mixed with hydrosol (floral water), apply the past on your face and let it set…relax…and rinse.


2-Astringent Tonic lotion :

Use lotus powder infused in hot water, let it brew for 5 minutes, filter and spray on your face


3- exfoliation powder

Lotus powder can be used as a gentle facial scrub while healing your skin, i twill get your skin rid of dead cells and let your radiant skin show up.


For your wellbeing :

Use some lotus powder in a tub to relax and enjoy, or use lotus macerated (infused) in vegetal oil for a massage oil.


4- Nervous system balancing :

Perfect for stressed persons, it offers an inside power.


5- Aphrodisiac


6- Sleeping balancing

Lotus helps to balance the sleep issues, therefore helping to fight against insomnia, it has soft sedative properties.


7- Spirit uplifting

Lotus is famous for spirit uplifting, it helps to focus, is famous as a speech’s issue help


8- Chakra opening

It promotes the opening of the heart chakra, facilitating spirituality.

lotus flower benefits

Lotus flower is largely cultivated in many tropical countries.

Staying in South Pacific for sourcing amazing natural vegetal cosmetic ingredients, I am very lucky to find beautiful lotus bouquet which are such a joy to have on my desk. These flowers are coming directly from farmer equitable market from Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu Islands.

I hope you enjoyed this post,

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3 responses to “Ayurvedic Beauty: The Mystical Lotus Flower”

  1. Larice Avatar

    I loved learning the amazing benefits of lotus flower! The mask, toner, and bath sound divine and fragrant! Now I just need to find some lotus powder so I can try it! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Thank You for visiting my blog!!! I am so glad You enjoyed this post!!!
      I know it can be challenging to find ingredients for our DIY beauty and cosmetics….this is the reason why I am sourcing equitable producers….and will make it available on a website entirely dedicated to DIY beauty and wellbeing….from essential oil to botanical extracts….this is my scoop I am sharing with you today 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Larice Avatar

      That sounds amazing France! Can’t wait to see what you have lined up! 🙂

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