90% of the 10500 chemicals entering into our skin care products are never checked  for safety.

To recap, it means only 10% have been tested, mainly on animals (not even talking about cruelty here), for short period of time.

On all the reports I read, the tests are done for around 15 days in the best scenario.

Therefore the bio accumulation ( the chemicals staying in our body) never shows long term reactions and toxicity.

90% of chemicals in cosmetics



So…why are these 90% never tested?

What do you think on this topic…why are these chemicals never tested?

I have no clue why….but I prefere using natural products…what about you?

I am very interested having your opinion…

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3 responses to “90 Good Reasons to Use Natural Cosmetics”

  1. atkokosplace Avatar

    I definitely strive to go as natural as possible. Chemicals scare me!

    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Indeed it is scary…and so easy to use natural products…🌸🌹🌴🌳🌲🌿🌻💋

    2. atkokosplace Avatar

      It is easy! Just purging your home one thing at a time…even my what I use to clean is natural. Your blog is amazing! 🙂

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