Helichrysum italicum essential oil review and benefits.


Helichrisum Italicum essential oil in a blink :

Her nickname: Everlasting Flower

Beauty :

Helichrysum essential oil is well known to help blood circulation and therefore rosacea, to firm up skin, it’s an anti line and anti aging essential oil. Helichrysum also has anti oxidant benefits.

Skin care and wellbeing: It is a strong anti hematoma and anti coagulant . Helichrysum essential oil helps for skin healing. It is also an anti phlebitis essential oil. It has strong anti inflammatory effects, as shown in this scientific publication (click here )

Olfaction : By inhalation, Helichrysum essential oil helps to fight nervousness, anxiety, latent depression.

the divine helichrysum Essential oil

In Perfumery:

This strong smell is used in some famous amazing perfumes such as:

Cuir Beluga from Guerlain

Immortelle Tribale from Givenchy

Heart Catcher from Lolita Lempika

….and many many others

Properties of Helichrysum Italicum essential oil on our body :

-strong anti hematoma properties

-anti spasmodic for blood vessels ( so it could be interresting to use it in vascular facial algia, as a long term treatment).

Other properties :

-anti coagulant, blood thinner

-anti inflammatory, the latest scientific researches are even showing a cortisone like action of helichrysum essential oil.

-nervous system regulation and balance

Helichrysum immortelle divine

To be more specific how and when to use helichrysum Italicum essential oil :

-On bruises and hematoma : diluted with vegetal oil (such as macerated arnica oil for example, and apply topicaly. ( I use dit on my checks after deep dental and jaw surgeries and had no swelling at all.

-On varicose veins : dilute with a vegetal oil and apply topicaly ( a synergy with lentisticus pistachia is even more effective).

-On stretch lines : dilute in vegetal oil and apply topicaly.

-On arthritis : used diluted and massage the painful area

-On a sprain :used diluted and massage the zone


Properties of helichrysum essential oil for beauty and cosmetic effect :

-On lines and wrinkles : dilute in a vegetal oil or in a facial cream and apply (to have all the benefits of the Divine Cream of l’Occitane, without the chemicals and paraben.

– On skin issues such as rosacea, acne, scares, dilute in a blend of vegetal oils such as tamanu oil and macadamia oil



Properties of helichrysum essential oil on the psycho emotional field :

By olfaction/inhalation

-Calming and relaxing

-Help faling asleep

How and when using helichrysum essential oil :

-On anxiety and nervousness : by inhalation or diffusion, or even in a tub : use a few drops of essential oil in an oily base (to allow essential oils to dilute in water)or in a cup of milk…coconut milk…

-On emotional shocks : olfaction and diffusion

-On latent depression : olfaction and diffusion or in a tub (same dilution process as above)

-On sleeping issues, difficulties faling asleep, often linked to emotional issues : olfaction or diffusion in the bedroom, 1 drop each foot ‘s arch.

-On sadness, affective unbalance (in case of sad sade brake up, lack of affection, loneliness) : olfaction and diffusion, or in the tub with the same dilution process as above.

A little remind, the very volatile molecules of essential oils are reaching the archaïc brain (limbic system) extremely fast, it is linked to memories…this is why scents and fragrances are stimulating our memories…click here to read the article

how essential oils impact hormons


How to use essential oils safely :

Helichrysum essential oil shouldn’t be used by pregnant women, breastfeeding, nor on child under the age of 12 months.

It should be used diluted, never use more than 10 drops per day for an adult, and 3 to 4 drops for children.

According to its properties this oil shouldn’t be used by persons under anti coagulant medications.


This post has an informative purpose and has no intention to replace a face to face consultation with your specialist.


I hope you enjoyed discovering this divine flower

Thank you for your visit



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    Wow, it has a lot of good benefits to it.


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      Thank you for reading my post ;), indeed essential oils are so versatile and useful, for health…and for beauties!!! I visited your blog….great blog!!!


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