Wow….2016 is already here!!!

2015 flew so fast….

During this year, just like all of us…I have been very busy….

I am very happy….it’s official….I got my Master in Aromatherapy…it took me 2 years…but this last year has been particularly packed with travels…

All these travels enabled me to accomplish my researches and sourcing…I collected so much informations, had so wonderful meetings with amazing people, I learned so much…

And I have to say….I am amazed by all the natural ingredients I have used, love, sourced….and I cannot wait to share all these products wonders with you…..

Here is a  ultra short recap of my year in video…..don’t be surprised by the last second…. 🙂

I wish you a happy happy new year!!!!!

How was your year???? Please post the link of your video or new year post bellow…



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