According to the University of California Berkeley , who had a research funded by The California Breast Cancer Research Program: using natural skincare products for only 3 days decreases already body toxic chemicals provoking hormone disrupting issues .

how natural cosmetics decrease cancer

The research team provided a group of 100 of young women with personal care products labeled free of chemicals: phtalates, parabens, triclosan, oxybenzone…

These chemicals are widely used in personal care products such as soaps, sunscreens, hair products, make up and fragrances found in perfumes and/or in all of the products above.

These chemicals have been shown in animal studies to interfere with the body’s endocrine system.

Analysis of urine before and after a 3 day trial in which the participants used lower chemical products found significant drops in levels of the chemicals in the body:

♦Metabolites diethyl phtalate (found in fragrances) decreased 27%

♦Methyl and propyl parabens (preservatives) dropped 44 and 45% respectively

♦Triclosan (antibacterial in soaps and in toothpaste) and benzophenone or oxybenzone (found in sunscreens) fell 36%.

 No need now to explain more why we should use natural cosmetic.

Furthermore, it is fun and easy to use natural ingredients and to DIY our own skincare products.

Natural skincare is a way of prevention…Let’s be healthy beauties, and let’s decrease breast cancer statistics….

This is why I am launching an affordable cosmetic ingredients boutique online…in Wholistic Aroma indiegogo campaign, you can pre order all the DIY ingredients, cosmetic containers and equipment, to realize safe and healthy skincare products. I already share hundreds of recipes on this blog …and will share more….always for free.

My favorite recipe is the Royal Orchid age defying cream…all the ingredients are from botanical sources…oh…and by the way, it is therefore….100% cruelty free…




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