Bed Time Oil With Aromatherapy, an Easy DIY Recipe for Sweet Dreams

If like many many women, you cumulated a full day at work, some cooking and housekeeping and on top of that your kiddo’s newest homework challenge, you will be needing a restful night sleep!

Here is our recipe for sleepy time oil. Easy and safe, you can even make it with your children as a fun activity.

bed time oil recipe


Some tips: 

Choose the right  essential oil:

♥ Lavender/ lavandula officinalis

♥ Cedrus Atlantica (you shouldn’t use this oil on your skin if  you are pregnant or breastfeeding)

♥Citrus reticulada blanco (tangerine or mandarine): now, we know you will be using it in the night time but just be aware that using citrus essential oils while exposing your skin to the sunlight is photosensitizing (therefore, do not use citrus essential oils during the day time)

-If your coconut oil is solid, let it melt in the sun, or in the microwave for a couple of seconds.

Why applying the oil on your feet and wrists?

-Your wrist’s skin is very thin and will absorb the oils pretty fast

-Your feet’s skin is thick, oils will penetrate slowly and you will therefore benefit from this oil longer throughout the night.

Sweet dreams!

The Spoiled Bee Xx