Grey Is Beautiful….or Silvericious?

How I turned to my natural grey hair color without looking careless:

Ok, it was time for me….even though I had great natural hair dye alternatives, like my recipe in this post: follow my roots.


At first, my choice was motivated by my head neurological injury, leading me to…pretty big pain…no need to add the torture (it turns as a torture for my head and scalp nerve) while dying my hair…keeping the wet hair mask for 1 to 2 hours was triggering…my crazy nerve :).

So….I had different options, since I haven’t been to a hairdresser for the last 2 and an half years…


1 ♦ Let my hair grow…and wait until the roots are long enough…then CUT…SHORT…I wasn’t ready for that.

2β™₯ Using a hair color remover ( I know…its packed with chemicals), but it was once for all. Though, I insist on this: please ask a colorist advise before diving into this option. Personally, I homemade it, buying some products. I first turned ginger…so I had to repeat the process more than once. I had long hair and had to cut to mid length…yes…this is damaging hair. Though I have been very lucky, I met a young woman who was working as a dying expert in a wholesale hairdresser store!!! She gave me the best advises to cover my yellowish, reddish ends…making a nicer transition between my now….very grey hair (almost white on the front)


At first…I needed to get adjusted to it….when I was crossing a blond/silver woman in the mirror, it was such a surprise each time…here I am…what a big move!

And guess what…I love it. I am so glad I won’t have to color my hair….I see my grey roots coming naturally….it blends smoothly with the silver blond I obtained thanks to the color expert I met.No more hair color….ever….

Though I use a lot of vegetal oil on the length to protect my hair.

My favorite are:

coconut oil.…of course

-mango butter

-shea butter

cocoa butter

And as a hair serum, I use very light and non greasy oils:

-babassu oil

abyssinian oil.

Who would be considering turning silveriscious, or maybe are you already a beauty grey?

How was your experience, how reacted your family???


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