Mango is a tropical fruit…delicious…packed with vitamins, anti oxidants….but did you know the kernel was containing an oil (in fact called butter, it melts over 35ºc/95ºF) which is a wonder to be used in cosmetic. Actually, the best use would be for hair, since it is known to avoid split ends…it also offers a nice shiny hair. Though, for skin and hair, this butter has great nourishing and repairing properties. If you are a natural product addict, this is something you really want to try!!!


How do we extract butter from mango’s kernel?

The good producers use a mechanical press and never use solvant (yes….by using solvant, we could get more of it…but who wants to use products from nature….with chemicals in it?)

Where does mangos grow?


Mangos trees grow in any tropical place…where the sun is shining….I mean really shining. I was living in New Caledonia and also stayed in Vanuatu Islands…and had a mango tree shading my terrace. Trees are pretty big, and ideally, I was waiting until the mangos were perfectly mature (packed with all the vitamins and minerals…), actually I just had to pick them on the floor, and was only picking the one I was eating, leaving almost all the mangos for the kids from the so close In Vanuatu’s Tribe.

But the main country producing mango butter  is India( some producers are going fair trade  and with natural extraction).

What elements can we find in mango butter?

-Omega 9 (oleic acid): Oleic acid is an emulsifier (it enable substances such as water and oil to blend better), oleic acid is also an emollient (it sooth the skin). Even if this substance has a scary name…oleic acid is of a great use in cosmetic….and in mango it is natural available in its kernel!!!

-Stearic acid (stearic acid is a great natural emulsifier, this is why mango butter has a consistant though silky texture)

-Palmitic acid: is also an emulsifier….and it presents some cleaning benefits

Mango butter also contains:

-Phytosterols: enhance the skin barrier protection and blood circulation, it slow down skin’s aging process, has anti inflammatory benefits….AND protects naturally against UV.

-Squalene: this substance is also one component of the superficial layer of our skin…it means: it can nourish our skin layer with the same substance as our body naturally produces…what a wonder of nature. A scientific research from the the “Experimental Biology and Medicine” even shows squalene has a huge effect on hair grow or regrow

-Polyphenols are strong antioxidant….and our skin loves antioxidants since it fight free radicals and stimulate collagen synthesis.

How is mango butter a wonder for our skin and hair


Thanks to the natural wonderful composition of Mango Butter, it is helping our skin to stay soft, nourished and protected against weather and UV.

Mango Butter keeps our hair coated and nourished, therefore avoiding ends split. And even better: stimulating hair grow.

Mango Butter has strong anti oxidative benefits which are, by essence, strong anti aging fighters. Wrinkles, lines, aging dark spots will vanish if used regularly

Mango butter, due to its solid texture has strong emollient benefits, it keeps a natural protection to our skin and hair for hours.

It penetrates the skin perfectly and even goes into the blood stream, you will enjoy the anti oxidant benefits in your whole body. A whole holistic Beauty approach 🙂

The easiest way to Use Mango Butter


Take a knob of mango butter  (upon your hair length) in the palm of your hand, add 2 or 3 drops of castor oil as well as 2 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil, let it melt by rubbing your two palms together (by the way, your hand will receive a wonderful nourishing and fragranced skin care), once melted and mixed, comb your hair with your fingers, with the palms of your hands, insist and rub your hair ends….its done. This so easy step will offers texture, protection and hair care.

Watch your skin glow, your hair shine, grow…..and embellish….thanks to nature, with natural products.

How would you use your mango butter??

Let me know your experience and recipes with mango butter



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