Natural DIY Christmas Spirit Air Refreshener

Christmas is arriving so fast, and I havent shared any “Aromatic” DIY post

I can already hear the reindeers hoofs in the crispy snow…hush hush…

Here is my  natural DIY Christmas spirit air freshener 


Material Needed

A walk in the forest will be a great source for your essential oil natural diffuser:

-Trees bark ( mine are cut in heart shape…

-Pine cones, different sizes will make it well balanced esthetically

-Dried orange or lemon slices

-Small sawn branches (different essences and colors)

-A ceramic bowl or a carved slice of timber (I used family’s antic chisels to more or less carve my wood)


-essential oils: my choice this year is a large mix of different essential oils:

♥ cinnamon essential oil

♥ orange essence

♥ Ho Wood essential oil

♥ Cedar wood essential oil

This blend is a real delight and it has also a purifier and anti bacterial benefit…


The wood will diffuse slowly the scent…enabling the synergy of fragrances to make you dive into the Christmas Spirit…ho ho ho….

France’s tip:

Don’t use essential oils directly on fire, the heat will transform the chemical of your essential oils, making it, for some of them; toxic, for the others, it will destroy its antibacterial and purifying benefits…

Hoping that you are almost done with all your Christmas Shopping…this year, I decided to make all my Christmas presents from local handcrafts and artists.

I am sure you had great ideas for your Christmas design…I would be happy if you shared it below…. 🙂