How Goes the Music…The Right Notes

Essential oils, by essence, are all about fragrances. Healing scents, seduicing perfumes, wellbeing fragrances.

We can chose to be surounded by our own fragrance with our own, very unique and one of a kind perfume by creating our perfume.

How can we realize perfumes :

A Matter of Notes



The head notes are extremely volatile, in other words, they will be smelled, captured by our olfactive system very fast, they are very light volatile molecules such as fresh  lime, lemon or mandarine notes, they will not last for long, but rather leave the space to the heart notes


The heart note reveals all its secrets once the head notes are fading. They are mainly flowery, fruity and spicy notes. They can last many hours and thereafter leave the fragrance space to the bottom notes.


The bottom notes will enable the perfume to last, to stay on your clothes and on your skin. These notes will be for example all the animals fragrances (I won’t talk on many of these notes since they are not cruelty free)…the nature offers us such marvels…lets stick on these one….: Iris, Patchouli, Beeswax or Santal, will last longer thanks to the heavy olfactive composition.

As you can notice, a subtle composition of perfume is like a nice music unwinding in the air

One can create a natural perfume with essential oils and absolutes ( I don’t enumerate the option of synthetic fragrances made with chemicals. These substances will never reach the subtlety and quality of scents of natural essences, furthermore, they will very often be toxic. It is to be said that in the industrial perfumes we are buying in perfumes’ stores, only 2 % of the the purchased price is dedicated to the price of the « real »scent material, the other 98% are dedicated to marketing…adds…modeling…no need to say…I prefer natural perfumes…)

 Perfumes can be created by adding essential oils to :

 An oily base :

To realize an oily perfume, chose a neutral vegetal oil such as jojoba oil for example, or you can also give a scent orientation by chosing an already perfumed vegetal oil, such as plum oil (in fact the oil is extracted from the kernel of the plum), this oil will offer an amazing bitter almond scent….almost like sweet marzipan….a delight !

 A solid balm :

To realize a solid perfume, you will need to realize a balm with oil and butters (such as shea butter or mango butter) in which you will add a thickener like beeswax or carauba wax. This formula presents a huge benefit : it is easily transportable, it is just perfect for traveling !

 An alcohol base :

Basically, we buy our perfumes made with an alcohol base.

But what is the difference between “perfumes”, “eau de parfums”, “eau de toilette” and “eau de cologne” ?

-A perfume will contain from 20% up to 40% of essential oils diluted in ethanol (alcohol), in this case the fragrance will hold a whole day….or even more.

– An « Eau de Parfum » will contain from 10 to 20% of essential oils in alcohol. This formula will hold for multiple hours.

-An « Eau de Toilette » will contain from 8 to 10% of essential oils in alcohol. This formula will hold for a couple of hours.

-An « Eau de Cologne or Mist » will contain less than 8% of essential oils in alcohol and water. This type of formula will hold the scent for one hour or so.


In France’s organic beauty secret’s blog you can find a lot of posts on scents, perfumes and even olfactotherapy.

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Enjoy composing your melody…enjoy composing your perfume…