The Rare and Deliciously Perfumed Plum Oil

Plum oil is definitely a French specialty which has wonderful benefits for all skin types.



plum oil

Why Plum Oil is One Of Our Number One Vegetable Oil

The wonderful scent, its large number of benefits for the skin and last but not least, the edibility of this oil make it an absolute must have!

plum oil lipbalm

This rich and fluid oil will hydrate your skin in a beautiful and moreish way. The oil is extracted from the kernel of the fruit using the cold pressed method (no solvent chemicals nor heat involved). This enables us to keep all the wonderful properties of this extremely fluid oil: packed with vitamin E, this oil will do wonders in your homemade age defying cosmetics. Thanks to its edibility, we also highly recommend it for the realization of your lips balms, lipsticks and glosses.

Its fragrance also makes it particularly enjoyable to be used as a massage oil.

For those who like to realize oil-based perfumes…this is the one you will absolutely need!

French Chefs Love It

French FamousChefs

France’s most famous chefs even use it in their renown super gastronomic pastries. On top of adding a delicious flavour, it also does wonders for your health since it is packed with vitamin E that regenerates and protects your cell membranes. Plum oil is particularly recommended to be consumed as it contains 75% of Omega 9 and 20% of Omega 6.

We source our 100% pure and organic vegetable oil in the heart of the French’s Plum region. The producers are all ethical and sustainable and it is an organic oil, cruelty free, safe for environment.

The easiest cooking tip

As we were talking with the farmer who provides us with this amaaaazing Plum Oil, she shared the easiest recipe with us:

“Cook your French crepes as usual, spread a tiny bit of sugar, and a few drops of plum oil as a healthy topping!!!!”

And we have to admit…it is the simplest, easiest and yummiest recipe. To keep it even healthier, we use coconut flower’s sugar instead of regular refined sugar.

Skincare recipes, OUR WAY

Since we are traveling a lot at the moment ( We are back in Paris for a little while…) We made it easy: mix one teaspoon of Plum Oil, we add one drop of Hô Wood Essential Oil and  apply it on your face, neck and neckline. Massage it well and let it sink into your skin for about 10/15 minutes before applying light make up. We also love to use it as a hand moisturizer and age defying serum before going to bed.

eiffel tour


I hope you enjoyed discovering this rare oil.



The Spoiled Bee



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