The Rare and Deliciously Perfumed Plum Oil

Plum oil is definitely a French specialty which offers wonderful benefits for all types of skin. Offer another dimension to your DIY skincare.

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Why Plum Oil is One Of My Number One Vegetable Oil

The scent of this vegetable oil, its large number of benefits for the skin in DIY cosmetics, skincare products and last but not least: the eatability of this oil offering plenty of good stuff for our health and wellbeing. !!!

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This rich and fluid plum’s oil will hydrate your skin in a beautiful and gourmand way. The oil is extracted from the kernel of the fruit by the cold pressed method ( no solvent chemicals nor heat involved). This enable to keep all the wonderful properties of this extremely fluid oil: packed with vit E, this oil will make wonders to realize your age defying DIY cosmetics, but thanks to its eatability, I highly recommend it for the realization of your lips balms, lipsticks and glosses.

Its fragrance makes it particularly enjoyable to be used as a massage oil.

For these who like to realize oil-based perfumes…this is the one you need!

French Chefs Love It

French FamousChefs

French most famous chefs even use it in renowned super gastronomic pastries. But though it is delicious to savor, it will do wonder for your health since it is packed with vit E: tocopherol, it will act positively on your cell membranes protection. Plum oil is particularly recommended to be consumed as it contains 75% of Omega 9 and 20% of Omega 6.

I sourced my 100% pure and organic vegetable oil in the heart of the French’s Plum region. The producer is ethical and sustainable.

It is an organic oil, cruelty free, safe for environment.

The easiest cooking tip

As I was talking with the farmer who is providing me with this amaaaazing plum’s oil, she shared the easiest recipe with me:

“Cook your French crepes as usual, spread a tiny bit of sugar, and a few drops of plum’s oil as a healthy topping!!!!”

I have to say…it is the simplest, easiest and yummiest recipe. To keep it even healthier, I use coconut flower’s sugar instead of white regular sugar.

Skincare recipes, MY WAY

Since I am traveling a lot for the moment ( I am back in Paris for a little while…) I made it simple: plum oil, I add one drop of Hô Wood essential oil and  apply it on my face, neck and neckline before my light make up. I also use it as a great hand moisturizer and age defying serum…

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As it is a very rare oil, I am happy to share the link of my new online store…

The plum oil is found on this page: Plum oil by Wholistic Aroma

I hope you enjoyed discovering this rare oil.